Koeman celebrates his good health


Today a year ago he underwent emergency surgery for heart problems

Ronald Koeman He has celebrated and shared today, on social media, the good health he enjoys today. The Dutch coach recalled that just a year ago he had a serious heart problem that led him to the emergency hospital.

The coach, who was then a Dutch coach, underwent a catheterization after suffering from heart problems while playing sports. He found himself ill and was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Amsterdam. “Exactly a year ago this bike ride ended badly and I suffered from a heart problem. Now I am healthy and happy!” Koeman.

The technician felt severe chest pains after cycling training, but he is fine today.

Family history

Koeman explained months later, in an interview with RTL Beau, what had happened. “I had a heart attack and went to the emergency hospital. The central coronary artery was blocked and another had a narrowing. I have had two stens placed. Looking back, I realize how lucky I was. My father died when I was 75 years old. of a cardiac arrest. It is a family ailment, “he said.

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