Koeman: “I am very excited to continue as Barça coach for many years”

Ronald Koeman has addressed the current situation of the team, the situation of Riqui Puig and Umtiti, his relationship with Laporta and the conversations for its renewal in the interviews that it has had with Sport and Sports world.


“I am open to renewal. I am very excited to continue as Barça coach for many years, despite the difficult moments in the club today, but I think that thanks to our decisions, coach and technical staff, Barça It has young players (Pedri, Fati, Gavi, etc …) with a huge immediate future and hopefully in three, four or five years I can continue to be their coach. “


“Above all, I consider myself a club man. I have always believed that I have a duty to help the club where I am, looking for formulas to improve the team without compromising the good of the entity. Of course, what is happening in Barça in recent times is something very special. Everything has happened to me! “.

Relationship with Laporta

“There have been two difficult moments, the one at the end of last season and the one last week. Once again, the president did well last night and has made things very clear. I liked it because you always have to leave the things are clear as they are and nothing else. Moving on. We have a good relationship, we talk about things and in the end everyone, the president, me, you, everyone, we want Barça to triumph. We know that it is a difficult time for many things But we are moving forward and this club has a great future. “

Umtiti and Riqui Puig

“I give opportunities to players looking for the best for the club and looking to win a game. I don’t want to talk about Umtiti and Riqui but I speak in general. The coach always looks for the strongest team and each one has their opportunities and can demonstrate in the training sessions that deserve more opportunities. If not, it is the coach’s decision because there is competition. One in the center of the field, because there are many players, and the other in the center-back position, some time after his injury. and work, and Umtiti tries to get the most out of training. And in the last two weeks, with the preseason we have done, he is physically better than last year. And if he is physically well, Umtiti is a very good central defender. And Riqui has we have to improve things that we have talked about during the preseason. “

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