Koeman: Win LaLiga? If you look back, it is an unexpected situation “

The Dutch coach remembers that the favorite to win the title is the leader and they, for the moment, are not first

Koeman has appeared this Wednesday to analyze the importance of the match against the grenade, which can put a leader on Barcelona. The coach has made it clear that to be champion this season you have to win all the remaining games. The preparation was full of praise for the good moment of GriezmannHe has admitted that he is not a lover of rotations and that he will not reserve thinking about the warned ones. On planning for next season, he explained that they are working on it. Without further details.

Do you like to be considered a favorite?

“The team that goes first is the favorite and we are not the first.”

Sign a crack

“As a coach I always try to improve the team, but it depends on the financial situation of the club because, in the end, the club and the president rule, whether or not a signing is possible … we are talking because there is time.”

Need for a ‘9’

“Of course we are working on next season, like any coach and club. With what we have and we must remember that, for example, Fati has been out for five months. They are the ones who have created more scoring opportunities, we have scored more … The team has done a great offensive job. “

The team that goes first is the favorite and we are not the first



“I am not interested in what has come out because I do not know if it is true and because I hope he continues with us. I have said several times that it has to end here, but it is a decision that he has to make.”

The strongest mentally

“I cannot comment on the other teams. We are fine because we have had difficult moments. There is a moment, when you have played so much, that a player is not one hundred percent. You have to give your best and live it with fatigue, discomfort … . and the one who dominates this wins LaLiga “.

Koeman: “With the luck that I had with Dépor and with Madrid in Tenerife we ​​will be champions”BARÇATV

If we are as lucky as I was with Dépor and Madrid, we will surely be champions



“Going first is better because the others have to fight. In my time in Coruña I missed a penalty, Madrid lost against Tenerife … if we are that lucky we will surely be champions.”


“I am not worried because it is part of football that you can have people sanctioned. The game in two weeks is not important if you don’t win tomorrow. You have to be smart. You don’t have to look, but if there is a play you have to help and They take a card, bad luck and play another one the next game. “


“The important thing is the team and if a player, due to physical issues, is not right, it is a possibility to think about changing him. I am not in favor of changing a lot. If the team works, you don’t have to play a lot. It’s hard for the substitutes, but do it. important is the team “.

Perceived? If you get a card, bad luck and play another next game


Guardiola on Neymar

“It is always important to have the best in the world in your team and they proved to be together at Barça and achieve things. Now we work with what we have, that they are great players. We already won the Cup and you never know if you win when you have the best. . For me, the past doesn’t count. “

His role

“The role does not change much from the first day that I am as coach until today. Preparation is no different. Being a Barça player you have to win things, be well, we have leaders in the dressing room, people with experience who have lived games like him tomorrow and they have to transmit it to young people. For Mingueza, Araujo, Pedri … it is different from what they have experienced and the older ones have to transmit. But my role does not change much because each game is the most important that we have to. play”.


“In the last 17 games, almost half of the championship, we have 15 victories. It is something impressive. And it had to be that way, because otherwise we would not be fighting for the championship. The first thing is that the bloc has taken the reins, he has gone better, he is confident, the effectiveness has increased … if the team is well we are capable of doing and achieving the maximum “.


“During the summer I already told him that he was an important player. Of course I criticized the lack of effectiveness of the forwards, and also of Antoine. But he is a boy that I like, he works for the team and to the fullest. Now he is with more confidence. The first goal he scores against Villarreal, you cannot achieve it if you lack confidence. It is at an important and good moment. “

Excessive optimism

“I have not seen the players thinking that the job is done. Now we may be the favorite according to many people, but we do not think that way. We know the difficulty of winning the games because all the rivals play for something. The team has I’ve learned that you have to go game by game. You don’t have to go crazy for the possibility that exists if you win. The important thing is tomorrow and be prepared for a difficult game. “

We may be the favorite according to many people, but we do not think that way


Return of the fans

“If we can have an audience, for any player it is important and beautiful. Playing at home and with the audience in favor, the matches are different. I saw it in Holland, where there were audiences, and the matches are different and more exciting”:


“It is not more important than the last games or the ones we have left. We know that it is a fight between the four teams. Whoever wins has to win almost every game.”


“It is important to win because we are at a time when we know we can be leaders and it can be a prize, but first we have to win. It is game by game. If you look back, it is an unexpected situation, we had a lot of points difference and it is something big that we have achieved, the option to fight to win LaLiga “.

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