Koundé, the most anticipated return

ANDl Seville starts this afternoon his second stage preseason in Lagos (Portugal), after a first concentration in Alicante. The main novelty of the Andalusian expedition, which will remain until the day August 1 concentrated on the Algarve, is the incorporation into the training of Jules Kooundé, who has finished his vacation after participating in the Eurocup with the French team. The player arrives with his mind set on the Seville after a more than hectic month.

Because the Gallic defender announced his intention to “grow” sportingly with a transfer this same summer that he Seville looked with good eyes. Or more than that, in need. Because the Andalusian entity needed a powerful capital gain to avoid the control of The league and to be able to face the market with flexibility and options for incorporation. The Tottenham knocked on the door of Kooundé (now he has gone for the Argentine Rosemary of the Atalanta) and he denied the greatest. When he talked about growth he meant it. Grow sportingly and not just in pay.

And it has been precisely the English club that has been able to change the history of Kooundé and the Seville. Bryan Gil’s operation, which will be closed with a balance in favor of the Nervionenses of 30 million (with bonuses), will enable Monchi can keep the full block of the past course. You do not need to sell. And in the event that a top club (to which the player wants to go) sits down to negotiate, the Seville you can order the 70 million that he claims without haggling. You do not have emergencies for making cash. Kooundé, to which they subtract three years of contract, he assimilates that he has many options to continue. The Seville rubs his hands. I would not find a better center on the market.

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