Kroos arrives just in time

The German trained with his teammates two days before the match against Chelsea and if he does not relapse from his discomfort he will start against the English. Fundamental return for Zidane

Por if there was still any doubt that Toni Kroos would play against Chelsea, the footballer himself was in charge of dissipating them this Sunday by going out to train with his teammates in the penultimate session prior to the duel. Just 12 hours after the duel against Betis, the de Zidane They were already on the pitch at Real Madrid City preparing for the match to be played on Tuesday against Chelsea and for which they will only have two sessions. That the rhythm does not stop.

The good news for Zizou is that Kroos seems fully recovered and in a position to be the owner. German works like clockwork and is always there when you need it. He knows his body better than anyone and manages breaks and discomfort like few footballers. Without getting injured, he knew when to seclude himself in the gym to avoid a break that would have knocked him out. After a week off, three games without playing, Kroos he already works as one more and points to Chelsea. Vital player for Zidane.

The one who still does not appear on the pitch is Mendy, which has almost impossible to play against the English. It will be Nacho who will occupy the left side, covering a more than sensitive loss for Madrid, although Nacho is also a guarantee on the left side. The discomfort in the soleus of the French has not yet subsided and everything advises to reserve him for the return duel.

Madrid held a training session in which Zidane separated the headlines against Betis from the rest of the team. Recovery for some and more intense work for others ahead of the game against Chelsea, the penultimate step before that final in Istanbul that the whites want to reach at all costs.

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