Kroos cries out against Martínez Munuera: “He seriously influenced the fight for the League”


The German does not bite his tongue when assessing the penalty by Militao against Sevilla: “When you are being harmed in this way, I think: it can’t be”

Toni Kroos do not forget the arbitration of Martinez Munuera and the famous penalty of Militao noted after seeing it in the VAR what can cost one League to Real Madrid. The German, who was the one who approached the referee with Zidane at the end of the game to show his disagreement with the play, he has not bit his tongue on the weekly podcast Einfach bad luppen what does he share with his brother Felix.

On the play in question and its effects for the League, Kroos is resounding: “It doesn’t happen often, but it was one of those days when I didn’t agree with the referee at all. When you have the feeling that you are being disadvantaged in this way, I can only say the following: no It can be, “says the German.

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Kroos understands Zidane’s gesture of asking for explanations: “Zizou does not usually get wet with refereeing decisions, but that he went to the referee as soon as the game was over, it was also proof that he felt he had been taken for a ride. And I, too . We made it clear to him quite clearly. He tried to justify himself but, in my opinion, this is a full-blown mistake. “

Kroos does not hide his anger when he understands that it is a decision that can influence the league title and because he also rectified his initial decision, which in his opinion was the correct one: “See the replay and revoke his decision, since he had not indicated a priori hand, supposed to seriously influence the fight for LaLiga. If in the end it is not enough, it will also be, from my point of view, because of this situation. I have it clear. It is not that it leaves a bitter taste, it makes me quite angry“.

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On the other hand, Kroos, who is low for the last day of the League due to covid, confirmed his presence at the Eurocup: “In general, I feel weak. It is something that I do not wish on anyone. The truth is that it is not very pleasant, it is not something that has had to be lived. If the deadlines are met, I will be able to incorporate myself normally And if it’s two or three more days, then so be it. What I can do is not worry people: I’ll arrive and I’ll be ready. “

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