LaLiga with VAR and with more controversy

Real Madrid has been the most critical team with refereeing decisions, especially in the final stretch of the championship

Hand! Penalty! “Several voices claim effusively after a messy play inside the area. The referee puts his left hand to his ear and raises his right, ordering that the game not be resumed. The action is being reviewed in VAR. A referee and an assistant analyze the image over and over again, asking the operator controlling the image to repeat the image and display it from different angles so that a decision can be made and passed on to the head referee.

It might seem that with the use of technology the controversial plays were going to end in the bud, but this has not happened. This season there have been a large number of actions that have generated a lot of criticism towards the arbitration establishment and most have been produced by the interpretation of the rule of the hands.

One of the teams that has complained the most publicly has been Real Madrid. Their criticisms have been accentuated in recent days by actions that they understand have been decisive in the outcome of the championship. One is the hand of Militao in the game against Sevilla and the other that of Morcillo, in the match against Athletic Club, although in this case it had no impact on the final result.

The criticism of Martínez Munuera for signaling a penalty in the hand of Militao came from different places. Zinedine Zidane went to speak with the referee at the end of the game to ask for explanations, something unusual for the French coach. “I don’t understand anything. If there is a Militao hand, it is Sevilla’s hand as well. What he told me has not convinced me,” said the French coach at a press conference.

Then it was Emilio Butragueño who analyzed the arbitration. “There have been very similar plays, theoretically in our favor that the decisions have been different, it leaves us a bit restless. But he has gone to the VAR and has made that decision,” he said to add below: “It is a very important decision, that it has an influence that can be decisive in the League.

There was also much criticism that Felipe’s hand was not penalized with a penalty in the Madrid derby when the Canarian referee Hernández Hernández understood that he was not liable to be sanctioned with the maximum penalty.

At Atlético de Madrid critics have hardly been heard to arbitration proceedings. The rojiblanco team could have protested the defeat in Sánchez-Pizjuán against Sevilla due to a possible hand from Ocampos in the play that gave rise to Acuña’s goal. The decision of both the referee, Jesús Gil Manzano, and the VAR was followed.

The ten most controversial plays of the season

Here are, as a compilation, 10 plays that were or were not sanctioned as a maximum penalty. With the opinion of Andújar Oliver (Radio MARCA commentator) and the video or image of the action.

Matchday 35. Real Madrid 2-2 Sevilla. Militao

In minute 77 the referee Martinez Munuera He pointed out the penalty spot in favor of Sevilla: “Militao is on his back, the ball first hits the Real Madrid player’s back and then the arm. Totally involuntary. For me it is not an action to indicate the maximum penalty. The play should have continued and ended with a clear penalty from the Sevilla goalkeeper to Benzema, “said Andújar Oliver in the ‘Marcador’ program on Radio MARCA.

Matchday 34. Sevilla 0-1 Athletic. Balenziaga

In the 52nd minute and with 0-0 on the scoreboard, a cross by Jesús Navas hit Balenziaga’s hand when the Athletic defender was inside the area. The ball hits the hand, but neither Gil Manzano (pitch) nor Del Cerro Grande (VOR room) saw a penalty in favor of Sevilla in that action since they considered it to be a natural position.

LaLiga with VAR and with more controversy

Matchday 32. Real Madrid 0-0 Betis. Miranda

In the 82nd minute the Real Madrid players claimed a penalty in an action by Miranda inside the area: “There is a hand from the Betis player but completely involuntary, located just 30 centimeters from Militao’s finish. Penalty should not be awarded in this play “, Andújar Oliver said in the program ‘Marcador’ of Radio MARCA.

Matchday 26. Atlético 1-1 Real Madrid. Philip

In the 41st minute, the Real Madrid players claimed a penalty from Hernández Hernández: “It is an involuntary hand from Felipe, who does not even see the ball. If he had indicated the maximum penalty it would have been unfair”said Andújar Oliver in the program ‘Marcador’ of Radio MARCA.

Matchday 23. Barcelona 1-0 Valladolid. Jordi Alba

In the 62nd minute, the pucelanos claimed a penalty from Jaime Latre after a hand from Jordi Alba: “In my opinion the referee is right by not pointing out the maximum penalty. The Barça side has no intention and as the referee explained to the Valladolid players, that hand is not on top, “said Andújar Oliver on the Radio MARCA program ‘Marcador’.

LaLiga with VAR and with more controversy

Matchday 21. Cádiz 2-4 Atlético. Koke

In the 45th minute Gil Manzano pointed to the penalty spot after a hand from Koke inside the area. A decision that he corrected after consulting the VAR: “For me it’s a penalty. The Atlético de Madrid player throws himself to the ground and neutralizes the ball. Another thing would be for him to hit him involuntarily, “said Andújar Oliver in the program ‘Marcador’ on Radio MARCA.

LaLiga with VAR and with more controversy

Matchday 18. Real Madrid 0-0 Athletic. Cap

In the 22nd minute, the Real Madrid players claimed a penalty from Gil Manzano in an action by Vinicius with the rojiblanco Capa: “It is an involuntary hand, it comes from a rejection and it is not necessary to indicate the maximum penalty”, said Andújar Oliver in the program ‘Marcador’ of Radio MARCA

LaLiga with VAR and with more controversy

Matchday 14. Eibar 1-3 Real Madrid. Bouquets

In the 82nd minute, the Eibar bench claimed a penalty from Munuera Montero in the action of Sergio Ramos: “The Real Madrid center-back moves his body with his elbow in front after Muto’s shot, occupying a space with a ball that goes to goal. The maximum penalty in favor of Eibar should have been indicated “said Andújar Oliver in the program ‘Marcador’ of Radio MARCA.

LaLiga with VAR and with more controversy

Matchday 13. Barcelona 1-0 Levante. Umtiti

Minute 93. The visitors requested a penalty from Umtiti, but De Burgos Bengoetxea did not penalize the action after the corresponding review in the VAR. “My players say that he does touch it with his hand, that he deflects it and that it would have been a penalty. But if they have reviewed it and say no. We will think not. But from my position I have not been able to see it, “Paco López sentenced after the game.

LaLiga with VAR and with more controversy

Matchday 11. Real Madrid 1-2 Alavés. Nacho

In minute 5, the Cantabrian referee pointed to the penalty spot favorable to Deportivo Alavés: “There is no discussion. Nacho has his arm extended when Laguardia finishes off with a header. Correct decision of the referee “, affirmed the referee of Radio MARCA.

LaLiga with VAR and with more controversy

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