Laporta wins the vote for the credit of Espai Barça on the street

LThe Assembly began with the most important topic that was going to be discussed in it, which was the approval of the financing of Espai Barça. The suspension of the Assembly caused the number of delegates present compared to last Sunday to be reduced by almost half. 455 partners had to decide whether to allow the Board to seek a loan of 1,500 million. And the partners gave Laporta the first joy of the afternoon as they approved his proposal by a huge majority with 405 votes in favor and only 21 against.

Previously, the president had taken the floor to encourage the partners to give them their support at this point on the agenda. “We are facing a historic opportunity. We have to take advantage of it, we will do it well, “he said. The president stressed that the club’s current facilities have become obsolete and that tall your competitors have already done the job and they have modernized them. He also explained that they have had to redefine the entire project to update and avoid some anomalies in the one carried out by the previous directive, such as relocating 12,000 members from first to third tier.

Laporta explained that at this time, the project has already cost 145 million and that only 5% of the works have been carried out. Failure to approve the project would mean throwing away that money. “I don’t want to be apocalyptic, I only put you in a situation, “said Laporta before recalling that the loan will pay for itself and will not cost a euro to the member or endanger the management of the club. And that once the loan is obtained, it will have to be approved by referendum. “Risk? The risk is highly calculated and the partner will be promptly informed of all movements “.

His words penetrated deep among the partners who have approved the 1,500 million loan requested by the Board to build the new stadium. A visibly excited Laporta He thanked the partners and his entire team before joining in a hug with Elena Fort, the great supporter of this project.

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