Le Normand: “I wasn’t even in my best dream to win the Cup in Spain”


The Frenchman has confirmed himself as a high-level central defender and, after winning his first title, he now wants to return to Europe and fantasizes about the call of his country’s team

Robin Le Normand is ending this season with that saying that the second of a player in the elite is the most complicated, since he is improving even the great level he offered in his debut with Real in First, which was already outstanding. The French center-back is very happy after having won the Cup and dreams of one day having the call of his country’s team.

Question. Are two days off long enough at this point in the season?

Answer. They came in very handy I think. After winning on Monday in Eibar and adding three very important points for the goal, in a week with three games, we were grateful to have that break. On Thursday it was seen that people went back to training wanting to prepare for the match against Huesca. What did I do? I really like to sleep, so I took advantage of it, above all, and I also played some video games and watched a series.

P. You played in Eibar, after being in doubt about having to be substituted against Celta due to cramps. How are you?

A. On Celta’s day, at the end of the game, I noticed a lot of fatigue, because the games are accumulating, they are all very demanding, and sometimes you notice it. But I think I recovered quite well, I played against Eibar and I am available for Huesca.

We want to go back to Europe and improve what we did this season

P. After five days without winning, the triumphs against Celta and Eibar represent a reaction at the best moment for the fight for Europe, right?

R. The team has always tried to play well and go to win, sometimes it has worked for us, sometimes not, but we always go for everything and we will try to return to Europe until the end. There are five games left, nothing has been done, and we have to continue giving everything in each game.

Q. Would winning in Huesca be decisive?

R. From now on, each victory brings you closer to the goal, but we have to be aware that it will be very difficult and that we will have to fight a lot, because Huesca plays what is played and has good players. But it is clear that we want to return to Europe and improve what we did this campaign.

Winning the Cup with this group of friends is incredible. The best memory? The eyes of excitement and joy of my father

P. They say that the second year in First is the most difficult, but in your case it doesn’t seem like it, since you are even surpassing the level you gave last year …

R. It is true that it is often said that the second is the most difficult and I think it is, but the work that is done at Zubieta and the confidence that the club and the coach have in me helps me a lot. There are many games, but I take care of myself to the maximum for it and we already knew before we started that we were going to have 50 games with a lot of tension and a lot of rhythm and the truth is that it is lucky to have played so many, because we all want to play always.

P. He has 78 games in two seasons, you can already say that Le Normand is a permanent starter, right?

R. I think the title word is misleading, because it can divert you from what you have to do, which is to work hard during the week so that the coach trusts you on the weekend and I have been fortunate that Imanol has trusted a lot In Myself. But the key to these two years has not been the starters, but that each player who has had to play has done so at a very high level and hence our great results as a team.

Imanol welcomed me, made me grow and win, he may be the coach of my life

P. The most important, the Cup title. Do you believe it already?

R. Not even in my best dreams did I enter that I was going to win the Cup in Spain, but it was an incredible moment, winning it with this group of friends, after having done so well. I’m going to keep it for a lifetime, I’ll tell my children and my grandchildren about it. I am happy to have won a title with Real, it allows me to return a little bit of the trust they placed in me when they signed me.

Q. I don’t know where the future will take you, but Imanol may already be the coach of your life …

R. It is true that it can be. I started my time at Real with him, he welcomed me and made me improve and grow, he raised me to the first team, he is giving me continuity and, what is more important, he demands me and makes me improve. Also, we have a very good relationship. I’m really glad you are doing so well.

Playing for the France national team is a dream that I don’t give up, but I know it’s very complicated

Q. What memories do you keep of that historical moment?

R. I have at home the medal they gave us, a piece of the net, the ball with which we played, the shirt with which I played … But, do you know what my most special memory is? The joyous and emotional eyes of my family members, especially my father, to see how he enjoyed it, because it was also a sacrifice that I left home so young.

Q. To finish, I have to ask you if you dream of going to the national team, or that is saying a lot, and if you have received offers …

A. Playing for France is a dream, of course, but I am aware that in my position there is a lot of level and it will be difficult. We will have to continue giving everything in the green with the Real and then we will see what happens. And with my future I am calm, the club trusts me and I am trying to give back that trust.

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