Lemar, Atlético’s offensive beacon

Simeone tests with the French as a companion to Luis Suárez up front

VThe Frenchman has played two games practically complete with his national team. Lemar hadn’t been that important to the blues for years. After his good game against Kazakhstan, the Gaul repeated in the eleven in front of Bosnia where he intervened in the play of the goal of Griezmann. It is not surprising seeing the moment that the French midfielder is going through. The one from Guadalupe has made a hole in the Athletic based on constancy and has returned through the front door to its selection.

Everything indicates that next Sunday, he could be Luis Suárez’s attacking partner. According to the first tests you have carried out Simeone, the Frenchman would occupy the position of second forward, playing ahead of a line of three formed by Koke, Llorente and Saúl. In this way, Cholo would completely free the French, bringing him closer to the rival area. A position that would not be new and that would allow him to play centered behind Luis Suarez. It is only the first test of the week, and waiting to see the evolution of Joao Felix, but it is significant that the French practically from the plane back to try as a starter.

Simeone gives the keys to the new Lemar

In recent weeks, Atlético’s presence in the offensive zone has been marked by Lemar’s level in each game. In the last game before the break, as soon as the Frenchman centered his position in the second half, the team began to function and Suárez’s goal arrived, which would ultimately give the mattressers victory. An opening of Lemar to Llorente for it to finish opening the game to Trippier. Center, header and three points. Each offensive action that passes through the Frenchman’s boots improves the team’s game, to the point of making him the benchmark for the rojiblanco attack.

The presence of Saul in the middle of the field with Koke and Llorente, he would open the gates from eleven to I gave it replacing Carrasco. The rest, aim to be the usual with the doubt of Felipe or Giménez. The Uruguayan who returned to training with the team could go straight to eleven. An eleven, in which it seems that Lemar has a fixed place. Has earned it.

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