Levante makes good the curse of the former


Si there is something that can hurt a soccer player more than a defeat is to do it in the added time of a game and with a goal from an ex. Levante qualified for the final of the Copa de la Reina Iberdrola by beating Atlético de Madrid by the minimum with a goal from Rocío Gálvez in the 92nd minute.

The first part was consumed incomprehensibly without goals. Each team, without playing their best football, had clear chances to open the can. Atlético crashed two balls into the wood: A right hand from Ajara from the edge that Valenzuela touched with the mitten and that ended up on the crossbar and a lateral cross from Knaak that bounced off Cometti and hit the post. Levante warned with a free kick thrown by Zornoza that Gálvez finished off alone excessively high and had it in Alba’s boots, who subtly stung a Toletti center, but punctured the ball excessively and ended up walking through the small red-and-white area.

With different styles and play patterns, both teams hurt each other in the same way, per wing.. Knaak and Strom on the local side and Alharilla and Lucía in the visiting team contributed on the offensive level, but suffered greatly in defensive tasks.

Tension until the last minute

The second part started fast. Ajara missed a triple chance. Méndez saved the first shot on the goal line, Valenzuela rejected the second and the third the striker sent him out. Then it was Peyraud-Magnin who saved Esther heads-up and Ajara again who struck with the ankle after an assist from Ludmila. Everything in just 180 seconds.

When game time was up, the game turned to sparkling water. Explosive but tasteless. The ball went from one area to another without rest, but it did not go beyond ‘Oops!’ in the stands. Until the time of addition arrived. Claudia Zornoza took a free kick from the three-quarter line that Atlético failed to clear with authority and the ball fell into the boots of Rocío Gálvez, former rojiblanca, who ended up sneaking the ball into the cage. There was no time for more. The award went to Levante, who will play the title against Barcelona on Sunday.

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