Lim imposes the great rule of Valencia: there are no sales below the pending amortizations

ANDl market it is complex… but for Valencia it is double. The need to sell leads again to one Time trial stage in which the first step (that June 30, which represents the accounting close of the previous year) has not been saved. Valencia is in a deficit of between 15-20 million euros that has not been able to remedy with the sale of players. But he made a decision for this market. You will not lose on sales. That has its risks.

At least that is the initial intention of the owner … but as the summer lengthens it will be necessary to see if the needs press, but that is the main intention and what is imposed from Singapore. I mean, everything Anyone who leaves the club must be for a figure higher than the remaining amortization in the entity of Mestalla.

MARCA has been able to know the message that the club has been transferring to the agents but also to the intermediaries who have been asked for help to go to the market: It cannot be sold below the amortization that each of the players has. And these circumstances, with such need, make it more complex.

Guedes, Diakhaby, Cillessen … are the most striking cases in this aspect and that in some of them they generate many problems with which they must decide positions. In some cases they make it unfeasible. Loss, for example, with Cillessen It would be a hole difficult to remedy due to the loss of value of the goalkeeper these years and the amortization of 17.5 million that still remains. For this reason, Cillessen has many options to endure another year in the entity.

With Guedes, another on the exit ramp pending to make cash and correct those numbers in red, has pendorse a depreciation of about 20 million euros. For Valencia it is the big summer sale who want to get more out of that economic performance. Sevilla and Villarreal have been on the lookout. In fact the first plan was to value it at 40-45 million euros but the market circumstances are what they are, although from the property it remains firm that a good offer arrives that they take advantage of it.

While another that is in a prominent position in that list of departures is Mouctar Diakhaby. The French central arrived in 2019 and It has not finished exploding Right now it has a pending amortization of about six million euros and despite the start of the preseason with Valencia this week is pending destination. The Premier is what most seduces the 24-year-old player but several circumstances have to be concatenated to make it happen and they have not yet occurred.

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