Long queues and collapse on the web to buy tickets for Real Madrid

The 20,000 entries that have gone on sale to see the first great game of the season at Mestalla are going to fall short. The arrival of Real Madrid together with the relaxation of capacity measures, 60% of it and a maximum of 20,000 in open spaces, has caused the first queues in Mestalla.

With the lockers already open and prices ranging from 20 euros at 180, According to the option chosen in the pass and if you are a member or not, the fans have responded and the first queues have been caused at the Mestalla this Saturday morning.

The trajectory of the team at the start and the illusion unleashed by the arrival of Bordalás, has generated a new environment around coach and players. Valencia has regained some joy after two horrible years of disappointments and the arrival of Madrid, in a match of maximum rivalry, has raised spirits so as not to miss it on the field.

Collapse on the web

One of the great problems that have been generated during this day Saturday is that the online ticket purchase platform for the club has crashed and it is impossible to buy tickets electronically. In fact, complaints of the partners have multiplied.

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