Lopetegui and the ‘debt’ with the Champions

LThe main actors of the government of the Seville, from president to sporting director, never miss the opportunity to point out bluntly what the goal of the Andalusian club is each season: the Champions. There’s no more. The strategic plan designed by Monchi on his return had as its main economic and sporting argument the link four or five years among the best in Europe. The team has achieved two consecutive classifications. And not even with that it has worked at all.

Because the well-known sevillista ambition knows no limits and the steps that are always taken are looking for growth. Better players -with more succulent contracts- to reach the highest sports heights. After the Covid crisis, which continues to shake the clubs, the sports results in the Champions League have gained greater importance. This is how Sevilla even calibrated it in its annual accounts, budgeting the money it would get if he stood in the quarterfinals. The barrier was finally in eighths and those more than ten million had to be compensated. And with all this, the club has returned to invest above sales. A risky move to offer Monchi and Lopetegui the possibility of putting together the best possible team.

It is not that they have run out of excuses, since in Europe it depends to a large extent on the raffles and how powerful is he opponent of the eighth. Last year it was especially angry to fall at the hands of the Dortmund being the least powerful rival of those possible in the hype, of a level similar to that of Seville. Some players, whom Lopetegui consoled, they cried of helplessness. The coach himself was very touched. They have a new opportunity. The Sevilla accounts will thank you.

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