Lopetegui and the five finals: “The predominant word is illusion”


The Gipuzkoan coach analyzes the match that closes the day against Athletic

Julen lopetegui does not vary his speech. Neither League no mathematical calculations or probabilities. “All we are doing is focus on the next objective and it is Athletic. We are talking about a great team. We are excited and we try to approach it with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation“. He commented this morning at a telematic press conference.” It’s a team great in every way, has players of quality, a team tremendously physical, with velocity, with a clear collective game, quite defined in its aspects and in what it wants. Have international players, some with the possibility of being headlines in the Selection and players young people of great present and future. The result is a great team and we have to prepare for that, “he added.

Will the top five win the remaining five games?

“I’m sorry I can’t answer you because I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can talk about the difficulty that matches are going to entail because everyone plays something. All the matches in the Spanish league are a conquest and now it will not be different because the different objectives. The difficulty will be maximum for all teams. ” “We are very excited about what we have ahead. I think that illusion is the predominant word.”

What did you think of the Atlético de Madrid penalty in Elche?

“He was just out for a walk at the time, you guessed it.”

Public return to the stadiums

“I am not a specialist in the matter, but logic and good sense when you see that in other circumstances, in other sports or cultural activities that possibility opens up, with the appropriate measures, why not in the world of football. It is opinion. It should. what the scientists say, not the politicians, and the decision that is unified should take priority. I don’t think there is a differentiation of activities when the problem is common.

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