Lopetegui: “I only have words of thanks for my players”


The Gipuzkoan coach ends the season beating the record of Unai emery registering with your Seville the highest club score in the history of The league

ANDl Seville it has closed LaLiga 2020-2021 with a triumph in front of Alaves and in his last appearance, Julen lopetegui He has been “very happy with that record, for ending with a victory, a good taste in our mouths. We have also been able to fire extraordinary players on the field who have helped us a lot, everything has been combined and they have been able to say goodbye on the field , they deserved it without a doubt. ” The coach was referring to Franco Vázquez, Vaclik and Escudero.

Taking stock of the season, the Guipuzcoan referred to the dressing room as a group of “good players, excellent professionals and good guys who have a passion for the profession. Throughout the season some may play more and others less, some may be more or less angry but have had a compartment according to the shirt and the club, I only have words of thanks for them”.

Would you highlight a moment of the season?

“I am not left with a moment, I am left with the attitude of each moment, of wanting to improve, fight, win a game and the next day have the humility to start thinking about the next one in a league as tough as the Spanish one.”

Can he go for a while without thinking about football?

“Without thinking about football? It’s not bad. We will share time. Enjoy the family part of the day and also think about football.”

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