Lopetegui: “Imanol’s work is spectacular even if he hadn’t won the Cup”

Press conference of the technician in the preview of the match against the Real society

Julen lopetegui has appeared at a telematic press conference in advance of the visit to the Real society, a rival “who has decisive players in the last meters. It is a match of very demanding that excites us a lot and is going to force us a lot without any doubt. ” Imanol: “Although he had not won the Cup final, his work is spectacular, the team has taken a course and that speaks of the great job they have done with the coaching staff. It has also coincided with a fantastic generation of gamers and others apart from the homegrown players who are decisive “

Without Mikel Merino and Silva

“He has players and an important wardrobe fund. I don’t know the decisions that Imanol will make but he has alternatives. We saw Carlos the other day behind Isak, he has Guevara and Zubimendi, people from the house, who are very good, Roberto López , Januzaj, Portu, I am not forgetting Bautista … Those who are not will be replaced by others of level without a doubt “

Favorite for the Cup final

“The only preference I have is to prepare for tomorrow’s game and if we can we will see it, but focusing on tomorrow’s game which is quite demanding on a physical and mental level due to the potential of the rival which is immense”

The accounts for the Champions

“I have said it many times. The accounts are made when one has reached the goal and we are in full work, in the middle of the race, we are pedaling and we cannot stop doing it. We know the difficulty in the Spanish league of winning every game. No there is nothing more ambitious than wanting to win every game “

Are the substitutes going to win this League?

“I would not talk about starters and substitutes. I would talk about the team. The teams are made up of 25 players mainly and some play at the beginning and others later. Most of the time those who finish the work that their teammates have started are definitive. I would limit it to the word team “

Sevilla win even when they are not well

“The team tries to compete and do things well on the offensive and defensive levels but all teams have their plan. There are times when you are more successful and others where teams disconnect you more than you want. But solutions are sought. , is what we all do. the difficulty of each game is very great and tomorrow’s will be immense “

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