Lopetegui, on the hands: “As long as there is interpretation, each one will bring the ember to his sardine”

The coach of the Seville wants to consider “closed” the matter of the hand of Militao

Julen Lopetegui, Sevilla coach, I knew it was going to be his turn to reply on the hand of Militao in front of his team, a question that “I already answered at the time” and is a matter “closed for us”. “I already stated that it was a success with the current regulation. The commotion formed is not for me, but for whoever generates it. ”Regarding the refereeing criteria, it will not be easy for the Basque coach to agree with everyone. “100% unification will never exist because as long as there is interpretation, each one will bring the ember to his sardine. Everything can be improved. There will always be those who feel harmed. This is also football, “he explained.

How did Sevilla arrive?

“We are well, with the illusion of facing tomorrow’s game. With the concentration of a week in which we have three games. Valencia has already achieved salvation and I’m sure that freed from that situation, it will show how good a team it is. We are on the stage of adding the three points. We do not look back but forward. “

Where would you like to finish LaLiga?

“We will finish where we deserve to finish. We will try to improve our score and ranking. Although mathematically possible, it is difficult. We must add three points now without thinking about more things. “

Munir’s absences

“They are technical decisions. A choice.”

Next season

“The calendar invites us to think about Valencia. We cannot demand concentration if we do not pay attention to the next game. There will be time to look to the future. We come from a very demanding game and we are going to another just as demanding. It is the best team in LaLiga and we must prepare well for the game “.

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