Loren, disappeared from the line-ups and with an uncertain future

The Marbella forward has not been a starter since February, he barely adds 63 minutes in the last nine days and a goal in the entire season

Loren Moron has gone from becoming one of the main scorers of the Betis of the last seasons to have a practically residual role for some time now under the orders Pellegrini. He has had opportunities this course, especially at the beginning of the year, but his poor performance and poor shooting statistics have taken their toll to the point of completely falling out of the lineups.

The Marbella forward has not played a game as a starter since visiting Cadiz February 28, almost two and a half months ago. His role in the last nine days is reduced to 63 minutes distributed in four games, always starting from the bench, and five more duels in which he did not even have the opportunity to play. And his contribution is a single goal throughout the campaign, in November, which did not even serve to score points.

The Betis is managing to ‘survive’ and stay put in the fight for his continental goal despite the very limited contribution of his forwards, with Borja Iglesias placeholder image as the only offensive reference that approaches the 10-point barrier. A deficit that the club will try to correct next season with decisions among which, except for surprise, will be to listen to offers for Loren in the market.

The Marbella, who had scored seven, eight and 12 goals in his first three seasons with the first team, recently changed his representation agency, a move that is often associated with the search for alternatives for the future. And in this sense, how it progressed BRAND Radio, the proposals already exist, although not in the formula that the Betis when the championship ends …

Several teams have been interested in the situation of Loren looking forward to next season, but all of them are looking for a loan The Verdiblanco club, in a difficult economic situation, prioritizes transfers in practically all exit movements. Even more so in the case of Marbella, in which taking into account its status as a youth squad, the added value generated would be total.

Renewal in defense and attack

Loren It has a contract until June 30, 2024 after its last renewal, sealed a year ago, with a termination clause of around 50 million euros. Those were other times, when even the Barcelona, after a serious injury to Dembélé just before the pandemic interrupted the competition for two months, he had taken an interest in Marbella (in the end he paid the Braithwaite, of Leganes). Now, the situation is radically different …

The Betis looking to strengthen their areas next season. Has signed to Rui Silva for the goal, he looks for defenders in the market and is aware of the need to contribute goals to his forward. Loren, after an unfortunate season that began later than expected by a persistent covid-19 that took several weeks to disappear from his PCR, he knows that his chances of entering into the plans of Pellegrini they are very rare. But his options to leave are reduced for now to assignments, something that does not convince him at all Betis… A difficult solution, waiting for the market ..

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