Los Angeles Chargers 32-35 Las Vegas Raiders: Daniel Carlson kicks game-winner in overtime to see Raiders into playoffs and knock out Chargers

Las Vegas Raiders (10-7) book a trip to Cincinnati Bengals (10-7) for Super Wild Card weekend; in the event of a tie, both the Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers qualify, but instead the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1) make their way to the playoffs and go to the Kansas City Chiefs (12-5).

The Las Vegas Raiders finished last in the AFC playoffs and in turn knocked out the Los Angeles Chargers, winning 35-32 in an incredible Sunday Night Football match that went into overtime.

If they didn’t convert, Las Vegas would face a prolonged field goal attempt of more than 50 yards. Instead, after Los Angeles timed out, Josh Jacobs ran 10 yards and made the first down, giving Daniel Carlson a 47-yard field goal winning shot for the Raiders (10-7) to travel to Cincinnati. Bengals ”(10-7) on the Super Wild Card weekend to open the playoffs.

The Chargers are now missing the playoffs, but the guests have gone to extraordinary lengths to fight back and put the game into extra time, most notably after seeing them 15 points behind in the middle of the fourth quarter.

But second-year quarterback Justin Herbert, who completed 34 of his staggering 64 passing attempts at 383 yards, led his team to two epic, late touchdowns to tie the game. The first ended with a 23-yard shot from Joshua Palmer, with a two-point pass to Austin Ekeler, followed by Herbert in a 19-yard 83-yard run that ended with a 12-yard touchdown on Mike. Williams has just expired.

Las Vegas got the ball to open overtime, but failed to score a touchdown to end the game on first possession, instead Carlson shot from 40 yards. Los Angeles fired back with Dustin Hopkins from 41 yards, but the Raiders were the last to have the ball and ultimately show no mercy as, instead of hoping to finish time and level the score, Carlson nailed his fifth FG. a game that will take the Raiders to the playoffs for the first time in five years and only for the second time since 2002.

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The Raiders took the lead 10-0 in less than 12 minutes of play as Carlson shot through the racks from 24 yards to grab their first possession before Derek Carr found Hunter Renfrow to land 12 yards after a bad shot. return punt from Andre Roberts for Los Angeles

The Chargers finally came to life with two touchdowns in the second quarter from Eckeler – the first run 14 yards and the second run from the same spot – but the Raiders regained the lead and maintained a 17-14 lead at the end of the match. In the first half, Jacobs hit the goal line with 37 seconds left.

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