Los Angeles Chargers 41-22 Cincinnati Bengals: Turnovers galore as Justin Herbert and Chargers hold off Bengals fightback

Justin Herbert completes 26 of 35 assists for 317 yards, three touchdowns and one interception for the Chargers, while Joe Burrow completes 24 of 40 assists for 300 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions after dealing with a toe injury; the two sides come together in seven full turns in a sloppy play

The Los Angeles Chargers breathed a sigh of relief as they survived the Cincinnati Bengals comeback, dodging the game 24-0, knocking out 41-22 winners and improving their record to 7-5 in a year.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, meanwhile, went 24 of 40 for 300 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions, suffering a painful finger injury that left him playing with a swollen arm in the second half.

The Cincinnati were forced to pay for four of the seven total losses in the game, including a touchdown attempt by Tevon Campbell that returned momentum to the Chargers early in the fourth quarter.

It was the Chargers who punished their opponents’ early mistakes, including carelessly intercepting Ja’Marr Chase, and escaped 24-0 in a tight first half thanks to Keenan Allen’s touchdown streak, followed by Jalen Guyton’s 44-yard tackle. …

Meanwhile, the red-hot Joe Mixon threat was neutralized by the Chargers’ improved defenses, which were doing well after losing Joey Bose in the first quarter to a concussion.

Tevon Campbell scores a 61-yard touchdown for the Chargers after fumbling for Bengals running back Joe Mixon.

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Tevon Campbell scores a 61-yard touchdown for the Chargers after fumbling for Bengals running back Joe Mixon.

Tee Higgins’ catch and Burrow’s six-yard run helped narrow the deficit in the second, though it was followed by a setback for the Bengal second-year quarterback, who finished the half with visible pain from a pinky injury.

Nonetheless, Burrow remained in the center and was rewarded for his resilience as Austin Ekeler cleared his throat in game two to give the Bengals their way to Meixon’s seven-meter 24-22 score when the Chargers thwarted a two-point attempt. cling to their leash.

Campbell gave the Chargers a welcome respite as he got Mixon’s groping back on a 61-yard touchdown, Ekeler somehow decided to rectify his losses by picking up one yard, and Chris Harris Jr. put together an interception in the fourth quarter end zone to move Brandon Staley. side is closer to victory.

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