Lucas Boyé dazzles in Vallecas

ANDhe Rayo Vallecano-Elche (2-1) left a dazzling performance from a forward. And it was not Radamel Falcao, no minutes. Lucas Boyé offered a masterclass on ‘tank’ battering ram in Vallecas, with goal included. To his regret, it was sterile for his team to scratch something positive at home.

Boyé enjoyed his first start after the muscular injury suffered a month ago in Getafe (0-1). He returned last matchday against Celta (1-0), highlighting a clear opportunity to score as a shock. AND At the start of the duel against Rayo (2-1), he hit a great goal, in which he showed many of his virtues. He received a ball in three quarters, emerged victorious from a crash, used his body with agility to get rid of a defender and, surrounded by more defenders, took a powerful kick that stayed in the net after touching Dimitrievski. In this way, he debuted his scoring account this season.

His target was his most remarkable action, but not the only one, since left several of remarkable level. Even unfit for a ram of its size. He won matches with superb strength and body utilization. He signed moves to overcome rivals by changing the ball with his foot or taking it stuck with an excellent quality. And he knew how to cause fouls that could generate danger for the opposing goal.

Nevertheless, his impact on the match was diluted, especially in the second half, by the superiority of Rayo Vallecano, who turned the electronic to take the three points. “We lacked having the ball more. We knew that Rayo is a team that pushes a lot, and we did not know how to turn the ball when we had the advantage“, analyzed the Argentine to the microphones of Movistar +.

With Boyé’s goal in Vallecas, there are already three forwards from Elche who have seen the door in the first nine days. First it was the ‘top scorer’ Lucas Perez, who scored against Getafe (0-1) and Levante (1-1) consecutively. After, Benedetto, against Celta (1-0). And finally, Lucas Boyé against Rayo Vallecano (2-1). Between the three, they add four of the six goals scored by the franjiverdes this campaign.

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