Luis de la Fuente: “We are fortunate to have an inexhaustible supply of players”


The U21 coach appreciated the victory of Spain in the first match of the European

Luis de la Fuente analyzed Spain’s victory against Slovenia in the European debut.

Match: “Satisfaction with the result, with the phases that have taken place during the match and although it was difficult for us to enter the dynamics of the competition, we were found solutions and the path that led us to score three goals against such a demanding opponent.”

Rest: “We have tried to reassure people, in the first half we saw a lot of anxiety, also inexperienced players in this type of events. The situation generates a lot of stress and has made it impossible for us to play a better game, at half time we have reinforced things that they had seen each other, give peace of mind and luckily the goals have entered “.

Zubimendi and Cucurella: “The changes were already 2-0 and it was to give rest. Martín for a blow to the ribs and we did not want to put his health at risk. Cucurella give rest to a player who is playing a lot in LaLiga and in three days there is a important game. Also to provide players with different profiles to have the ball, more clarity and dose efforts “.

Yeremy pine: “Very happy because he has brought that freshness that he brings to his club, it did not seem that he made his debut today, he is the youngest of the group and is very well integrated and arrived at the last minute. We were looking for quality situations that he generates with his game. done what we were looking for and I am delighted. “

Spanish quarry: “We are fortunate to have an inexhaustible source of players who only need confidence, not having the players who are in the absolute allows us to have players who in other circumstances would not be with us and they will provide us with a lot of insurance in the future”.

Keep the block: “We will see how we recover tomorrow, the game against Italy can be decisive and we will see with which players we face it. We will change what we think can be improved and of course, to face the decisive game against Italy. Any of the players for illusion and quality, I would not be wrong, but we are going to adjust the details “.

Note and good and bad things: “I’m happy, I liked the phases of good play, the ball ran very fast, important individuals were seen … The defensive gifts must be corrected, but with the next training sessions, against Italy the performance will be greater for sure. I am happy to see the excited players, aware that they are living a new experience. I put a notable, but there is much room for improvement “.

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