Luis Enrique: “I have not seen any team better than Spain”

CWith technical problems, Luis Enrique’s press conference began prior to the game against Switzerland. The selector does not know if the critics have stopped being it. “I do not know, we will have to ask them”, regarding if they have boarded the boat of the national team.

Knowledge of the two teams can be a critical factor. “Switzerland has passed and the good thing or the bad thing is that the two teams know each other well. It will be a very difficult game. As a block it is one of the best teams in the Euro, by how they press and attack. It is going to be very complicated. The same for the fan they don’t have many names, but … “

Luis Enrique’s simile between Unai Simón and Nadal: “Fish memory”

In the double duel of the League of Nations, there were two very different matches. “In the Valdebebas game we were superior, although complicated. In both games we were very good. Regarding the review of the goals conceded, the team’s attitude is very good and it is true that there were some individual errors. We are one of the best teams in defense, I complained about what we did with the ball in those last minutes. “

Ukraine was also in that group. “I spoke very highly of Ukraine and look where they are. Petkovic is a great coach, he has 70 games, and it is a team that opts for everything, very difficult to beat, like us. “

He spoke of Unai Simón. “” or you have to martyr yourself. No matter the mistake, it matters what you do after the mistake. You have to do the reflection after the game. The problem is the error of concept, not of execution. Nadal says you have to have a fish memory and he’s right. If you miss a ball, there is no use thinking about that ball, you have to go for the next one. It’s what Unai did, outstanding for him. “

He is convinced that charging minutes will not be an obstacle. “The GPS numbers are impressive. It is much more emotional than physical. If we are doing well in our heads, we are doing well in our physique. We are awesome. I don’t know if there will be any changes. All 24 can play. “

To finish he was resounding to the question if he has seen a better team than Spain. “Not”.

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