Luis Suárez opens with an audience in the Metropolitano and will not travel with Uruguay

Se debuted in the starting team this season, he returned to the starting eleven after having added just under half an hour of play in the appointments against Celta and Elche a Luis Suarez that did not fail. It is true that he needs to add competition time to his legs, that he is not with that spark of his past good times, but that he does not forgive.

The Uruguayan was at the right time and in the right place when his team needed him most. Manu Trigueros had silenced a Metropolitan that he did not imagine seeing his team below the scoreboard yesterday. But it appeared Suarez. The forward made the job of Llorente and Correa did not fall into oblivion and in his first auction on the goal of Rulli, goal. His pulse did not tremble and he celebrated his first goal with an audience in his new home.

It was not being an easy match for him because Mandi and Albiol They were closing every inside pass on him but Suarez always appears.

Does not travel with Uruguay

Finally, the Uruguayan could not finish the game as a result of severe discomfort on the back of his left leg. The club announced that tests will be carried out in the next few hours to determine the extent of these annoyances.

Who has already spoken has been the Uruguayan Federation, who points out that Suarez will not participate in the next meetings of the Light blue after the end of “today’s encounter with an exacerbated inflammatory process in his left knee. He will do sports rest for a week with physical treatment and subsequent progressive reinstatement to tolerance.”

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