Macro-survey: the fans point to Hazard, they did not understand that Ramos was playing and they fear Zidane’s goodbye


Fans showed their opinion in a macro poll with more than 200,000 votes

Eden Hazard It is the great signal of the defeat of Real Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions. His poor performance in the game and, above all, his laugh at the end of the match have put him in the eye of the hurricane in the face of some fans who in the macro-survey raised by MARCA have made it clear that the Belgian is the footballer who is the worst off. of this KO in the Champions.

When asked who comes out worse off from the elimination, 35% of the almost 100,000 votes point to Hazard. Then, 33% believe that it is the responsibility of the entire team, 21% point to Zidane and 12% to Sergio Ramos.

Worse stopped comes out when he asks about the laughs with the Chelsea players. There, very few find justification and 65% think that Hazard I should have avoided that scene that has been going around the world since yesterday at 11:00 pm.

The ownership of Ramos is another of the topics of debate that the party left and 85% of the participants in the survey believe that the Frenchman was wrong by starting the captain of Real Madrid.

When analyzing the elimination of Madrid, 39% of the almost 100,000 users who answered the question of where the key was, believe that “Chelsea was better and they have a better squad.” 30% point to Zidane and his approach, 19% think that the Madrid cycle had come to an end and 13% say that there is nothing to reproach the team.

In terms of the future, 31% of users who have participated in the survey believe that Madrid will end up winning LaLiga, while 27% believe that it will be second and 35% third.

Finally, 59% of fans suspect that Zidane’s cycle is coming to an end and that the Frenchman will leave at the end of the season if he does not win titles.

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