Malaga needs another loan to survive

To end the season without haste and increase the future salary cap

CLike every season finale, especially in the last two years, Málaga suffers from a lack of liquidity that forces it to sell its best players summer yes and summer too. The last saving transfer was that of Keidi Bare to Espanyol, the rival of this Sunday and who is expected to achieve promotion to be able to collect a bonus for the Albanian. But before the midfielder happened with Antoñín in February 2020 and with Ontiveros in August 2019. Villarreal, by the way, has yet to release a payment for the Marbella winger, now on loan to Huesca.

Although the pandemic has changed everything, and despite the important savings in tokens that the ERE meant to the workforce, all levels of the club are aware that another future sale is needed to move forward. It could be the case of Luis Muñoz, for example. But while that occurs or not, there are payments that require almost immediate attention. And although through LaLiga, and with the guarantee of audiovisual rights, it was achieved a credit of 5 million euros to cover the entire 20/21 academic year, that amount has fallen short.

Hence, the judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, has already started the procedures to apply for another loan, a bridge loan, with which to be able to meet financial obligations while, looking to the future, there would be more guarantees to see the salary cap increased for the next campaign. Malaga, it must be remembered, has barely been able to invest 2.3 million euros in the configuration of its current first team of the 3 that had maximum allowable spending. The rest have gone to pay various compensation for dismissals of the ERE and amortizations of transfers, and of course the expenses of the quarry.

Everything could be solved when the capital increase can be undertaken. And for this to occur it is necessary that it be resolved, first and definitively, the BlueBay case, to know the shareholding distribution between this hotel company and Al Thani. And then, that the audit that is assessing the value of the club’s shares ends. It would also help if the embargoes on the Sheikh could be achieved in a tangible benefit for Málaga. But while all that is happening, new credit and sales are the only solutions on the horizon. That is not to mention the option, ruled out for the moment, but still in mind, to enter the bankruptcy process again.

Hence, to this day, they cannot be undertaken certain operations such as the definitive signing of Yanis Rahmani. The million euros in which his purchase option is fixed is unaffordable, so the footballer, author of 5 goals and 5 assists, He should return to an Almería where José Gomes did not have him. We will have to see what his successor thinks to think about a possible continuity as a loan officer.

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