Mallorca surpasses Brest and remains undefeated in preseason

Four out of four. Those of Luís García Plaza still do not know the defeat in the preseason for their return to First Division. The goals of Salva Sevilla and Mollejo give a new victory to a vermilion team (1-2) that continues to show solvency and finesse in attack to reach the league start in optimal conditions. Mallorca beat Stade Brest in their first match outside of Spain.

From minute 11 the Balearic team was already ahead on the scoreboard. A goal from Salva Sevilla from a penalty put the Majorcan players ahead against the French team.

Luís García Plaza’s men once again demonstrated the convincing and fluid game already shown in previous matches, although in the 62nd minute they saw it as a goal from Faivre the score was equalized again.

Shortly after, in 71 ‘, Mollejo deflected a shot from Joan Sastre to put the second and final vermilion goal that gave the fourth victory to Mallorca in their fourth preseason friendly.

Data sheet

1-Stade Brest: Larsonneur; Pierre-Gabriel, Brassier, Chardonnet, Uronen, Mbock, Belkebla, Philippoteaux, Faivre, Honorat, Cardona. Duverne, Ledouaron, Lironen, Coudert also played.

2-Mallorca: Leo, Maffeo, Raíllo, Valjent, Jaume Costa, Baba, Salva Sevilla, Dani Rodríguez, Lago Junior, Mboula, Ángel. They also played: Pere Joan, Sastre, Braian Oliván, Russo, Gayà, Sedlar, Ruíz De Galarreta, Febas, Giaquinto, Mollejo, Javi Llabrés, Pablo Gálvez.

Incidents: Friendly match played at the Francis-Le Blé stadium in Brest with an audience, but with reduced capacity due to the pandemic.

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