Mamardashvili and his future: Valencia sets a date to tie him up

He arrived in silence, as a complement, one more but being the fourth goalkeeper. I was in the queue … Play in the subsidiary. AND today is one of the rising values. It is a clear example of being in the right place and at the right time. That is none other than Giorgi Mamardashvili.

The Georgian goalkeeper it has been the ‘boom’ in the summer of Valencia. His preseason has gone from less to more in terms of participation until he achieved ownership in Valencia. With 20 years.

The fact is that it came to the subsidiary, Valencia Mestalla, as proof. Yielded. One year. For an almost laughable amount after how the football industry works and the transfers that are paid. There was a fixed call option throughout this year and a future contract. But expectations have been much higher than could be expected.

His options for Spain-Georgia after the fiasco against Kosovo

Much has been made of the moment of Mamardashvili and its hatching. The arrival of the official national team matches opened the door to speculation. His great moment, his settlement in Valencia, a club in the Spanish league. Giorgi had already been summoned on previous occasions by Sagnol, Georgia coach, but had not debuted with the absolute. Giorgi Loria he is the Georgia veteran goal (35 years) who is usually the starter. It was in the Georgia-Kosovo but the surprising defeat (0-1) can open a generational change and the next stake is the Spain-Georgia. Mamardashvili has caused a sensation at this start of the league and may be the great cover letter. AND If the opportunity does not come to you in a great game like this, patience will be your greatest virtue because it will come to you.

Thus it’s time to move fast. Valencia intends to exercise the purchase option as soon as possible. ASAP. It does not reach one million euros (now because as soon as a few months pass that option increases) and it’s a bargain … that’s why shortly they will be put on. All parties are clear about it and throughout this month of September there will be a direct contact, by meeting, between the parties to outline and formalize that agreement in the future so as not to delay it in time.

The Mamardashvili’s conditions do not go unnoticed. It is a rising value. And Valencia after what has been seen wants to tie him up in initially advantageous conditions. Then it’s time to review, for sure, your contract. That has a clause 15 million prefixed in that future link with Mestalla is not going to leave the club alone. Is a appetizing and accessible figure in Europe for a budding goalkeeper, which has already been shown to the elite, which has responded …

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