Manchester City prepare an offer for Grealish to ‘break’ the market

DSince the club season ended, Jack Grealish has been one of the first players to be called off his team. His great season at Aston Villa has done nothing more than feed the desire for some great to become once and for all with his services. And it seems like, like it had been announcing Since almost the month of May, Manchester City has been the best positioned to be seen from citizen next year.

According to the British newspapers Daily Mail and The Sun, I would make it effective once the Eurocup ends, or at least, after England ends their participation, and who knows if they will do it next Tuesday, when they face Germany.

However, the real news would be that the offer they are preparing at the Etihad Stadium would be around 100 million pounds, just over 116 million of our euros, which would mean breaking the transfer record of the British market, which is currently held Manchester United, when in 2016 he signed Paul Pogba for almost 104 million euros to Juventus.

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Harry Kane, next?

The departure of Jack Grealish from Aston Villa, as much as the Birmingham club does not want him to leave, would be a step forward in his own individual progression, especially so that he can fight against the best in the Champions League. In the end, He is 25 years old and has a long journey ahead of him, and under Guardiola’s orders, he will surely explode his talent.

Not doing it could mean a more than safe step backwards, and this is something that with total possibility you are also thinking his captain and teammate Harry Kane, who has also been linked almost from the beginning with the Citizens.

A fan attacks an Aston Villa player in the middle of the game

The latest news from England suggests that even City could wait another year for the Spurs forward’s arrival, but everything indicates that Kane’s departure from Tottenham, who will not play in the Champions League next season, would be more than prepared, as much as Daniel Levy, head of the London club, wants to retain his top star.

The departure of Sergio Agüero urges City to look for a great striker, and the Englishman seems to be the one. Who knows if Khaldoon Al Mubarak will break the british market twice and simultaneously with two of the best English players of the moment

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