Manchester United does not ‘forget’ Atlético

Kieran Trippier, with two more years of contract, it is object of desire of a Manchester United determined to watch Atlético. In looking and dreaming of reinforcing with prominent members of the League champion. Something logical that in 2014, for example, it led to three rojiblancos to the Premier (in this case, a Chelsea that took Courtois, which was on loan, Filipe and Diego Costa).

The setting is far from similar. That Atlético had less financial muscle and had only just returned to the European front line. Seven years later, and although the pandemic has hit as in all clubs, an exodus of the main figures is not expected.

As much as Trippier himself has offers Manchester United who are quite far from the 40 million euros that it has as a clause… and that is the price that the rojiblancos do not think to lower for a player who they have declared “non-transferable” due to the importance he has for Simeone.

In search of a salary increase When he has two years to go (he automatically renewed after over 20 games) of his contract, the 2, who started the Eurocup as a left-handed winger, has those of Old Trafford as the team most interested in his services.

No moves for Oblak

Although the name of Jan Oblak has been linked, again, to Manchester United reality says that the english they have not made any movement for the goal. Other summers it did happen that he approached the Slovenian’s environment, but this time they have not contacted … something that, with such a slow market, could happen in the future if finally De Gea does not continue with those of Old Trafford .

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