Manchester United vs Granada: Dreaming about the feat

Granada will try to storm Old Trafford in search of the comeback

DTo jump to First, command the classification, step on Europe for the first time, caress the Cup final, stand in the quarterfinals of the Europa League, eliminate United? And why not? Granada is used to reaching peaks that seemed banned for a team like the rojiblanco, which now wants to make history again by turning the tie around despite the income that the English achieved in the first leg.

Without losing an iota of faith, although aware of the difficulty of the mission, the red-and-white expedition has flown to Manchester with the conviction of being able to surprise or, at least, put the British giant on the ropes, confident after winning by 0 -two.

To keep the flame of the comeback alive, Granada clings to the numbers, as the Andalusians have been able to score two goals, those necessary to force extra time against United, in half of their European outings, with victories by 0-4 against Teuta, 1-3 in Malmö, 1-2 at Philips Stadium against PSV and 0-2 during their visit to Omonia, precedents that invite optimism and that leave the door ajar for the rojiblanca feat.

With a young squad and in most cases inexperienced in this type of match, it is vital for Granada to have players like Soldado and Kenedy, who already know what it is to measure themselves against United and step on the theater of dreams even with results. positive.

Before the first leg, the Valencian forward had enjoyed minutes in three games against United, with a balance of one win, one draw and one loss. Precisely, the triumph came in the fiefdom of the Red Devils in 2013-14.

Scorer at Old Trafford

With a past in the Premier, Kenedy also knows what it is to face Manchester United. In his case, before this tie, the Rio de Janeiro winger had crossed the redcoats on three occasions, with a negative balance, although Kenedy was able to pierce the Old Trafford goal two seasons ago.

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