Manisa BSB started the transfer in the rim fast


Playing the Play-Offs in the Turkish Basketball League, Manisa Metropolitan Belediyespor started early moves for the new season.

The Manisa team, whose contract was renewed with Coach Ceyhun Cabadak, who has been coaching the team since it was in the 2nd League in the 2017-2018 season, transferred guard Diante Levan Watkins from Mamak Belediyespor. Watkins, who is 31 years old, 1.74 meters tall, included in the squad as the first transfer move of Manisa BŞB, which aims to become a champion in the new season. Watkins, who wore the Gemlik Basketball uniform in our country the previous season, signed a contract at the ceremony attended by General Manager Nihat Mala at Tevfik Lav Sports Facilities. While Watkins stated that he would work for the championship at the ceremony, Nihat Mala said, “We aim to establish an ambitious team this year and promote to the Basketball Super League.”


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