Manolo Salvador: “Hopefully we can enjoy many years of De Frutos in Levante”


The sports director analyzes with David Navarro the market of the granota club on Radio Marca Valencia

ANDl I raised is already working on next season’s squad, in a scenario in which the club is obliged to sell for 16 million euros, as it appears in the budget, and also, it is pending to know what is the Financial Fair Play limit that LaLiga communicates to him (this season he was the second lowest). That is the mission of the sports director, Manolo Salvador, and from technical secretary, David Navarro, that together with the rest of the sports area, renewed until 2023 as announced by the club on March 20. Both analyzed the current sporting moment of the club on Radio Marca Valencia, with the challenges that are presented to the team.

But there is reasons to be satisfied. The great season that Levante is doing –semifinalist of Cup, virtually saved in the absence of ten days– makes you start thinking about other goals. One of those around the head of the Levantinists is to finish ahead of Valencia (Right now it is ahead of him by two points). In fact, MAnolo Salvador, also lives it as something special: “It would be historical, with everything that has been lived in the Levant, With what it has grown, with the social mass it already has – which could have the full capacity of the stadium full of members – it would be very important, but it is not our objective. Our objective is add up the five or six points that we are missing and then think about other things. But it would be beautiful to be ahead of Valencia “.

Later, between the two they explained some particular situations of Valencia footballers

Irruption of Dani Cárdenas

“Blessed problem. It has shown that is a First Division goalkeeper and Whatever happens, Levante has a guaranteed goalkeeper. The team has two goalkeepers (Aitor and Cárdenas) of very good level. Dani has resurfaced now, he is the typical goalkeeper who It does not matter which category I play in because it gives the same level and the tranquility it gives to the defense. I think both of them should stay, that there is competitiveness and that that will lead them to improve and that the coach decides. ”

Madrid’s interest in De Frutos

“Officially we don’t know anything about Real Madrid. We trust Jorge a lot [De Frutos] and hopefully we can have it more years, if Madrid comes and makes a purchase, a good job has been done of the sports management and has been chosen well, but it would be a shame not to be able to count on him next year.

It would be a shame not to be able to count on De Frutos next year

Bets on players who explode in Levante

“When you bet on young people, second like Dani Gómez or like Malsa are bets There may be doubts abroad, but we are proud of them and we are convinced that next year they will be better because this year is their premiere in the First Division. I hope we can enjoy Jorge [De Frutos] many years in the Levante because at a sporting level it gives us a lot “.

Rochina Renovation

“It is stagnant. But we are going to see what happens with fair play next year, the budget that we are going to have. The Rochina issue is stopped because we are going to see what budget we have to undertake a renewal or an incorporation “.

Economic problem, number or years?

“The issue is more seasonal than economic. In December everything was more paralyzed. It is quite stagnant and we have to wait for next year’s budget.”


“He is an important player for us, he is in the final stretch of his recovery. Not having him available for so long is something we don’t like. But when players happen and emerge as has happened to us, it is also important.”

Do Coke and Sergio León fit into the financial fair play?

“They are aware of the prominence they can have. They haven’t been playing for four days. Next year is the last year on the contract and what Levante is not going to do is show them the exit door. It is not easy to play in this Levante. But it is not a problem for us. They will be aware of what the next season will be like. ”

The best coach for Levante today is Paco López

Paco López ends in 2022

“The approach is that the best coach for Levante today is Paco López, we are delighted, the dialogue is constant, daily and with all the experience that I may have in this area, a coach like Paco with the ideas he has with football that he teaches us, everything he teaches us, the results accompany us and the perfect coach for Levante is Paco López.

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