Marcelino pulls the blackboard to try to solve Athletic’s problems

ANDl premiere of Athletic in LaLiga 21/22 it awakened in the fan sensations that seemed to have been left behind. The image offered in the preseason had instilled some illusions that seem to have disappeared after the draw in Elche. However, the team’s performance was far from being so negative, without also being the best match of Marcelino’s. The problems when attacking while standing still remain, although the Asturian’s intentions to correct this are seen from the board.

The pivot pair is an element more oriented to send the ball to the sides than to carry the weight of the game. It is in the bands where those in charge of giving one more march to the attack are in order to generate advantageous situations. In front of Elche this occurred mainly on the right side, where De Marcos, Berenguer and Sancet they formed a fairly productive society. From their synergy came several advantages that were not converted into shots or scoring chances. The three occupied free spaces, dragged rivals and gave pass options to disorganize the rival and provoke good arrivals from the outside.

Solving those difficulties keeps happening for empowering Iker Muniain. That’s when the asymmetric system he has designed comes into play Marcelino. The captain starts from the left, although he rarely gets close to the lime. It appears in intermediate zones or directly inside to be a threat behind the backs of rival pivots. This has been something recurrent in the preseason and also in the league debut, although in that meeting he took another step. It covered the entire three-quarter zone, even falling to the right. In this way he was able to associate with his teammates and became an undetectable element for the defenders. The space left free is occupied by the diagonals of Williams or by the rises on the side, something that did not happen much in the Martinez Valero.

However, these resources do not end with continuity. They are alternatives that improve Athletic’s positional attacks, but they appear dropper. Although Muniain (50 touches) and Berenguer (66 touches) were the most participatory in the rojiblanca offense, their touches were not always given in quality situations, which led to those actions with the ball looking overwhelmed at times. Except in the first half hour and at specific times, when the block managed to link several passes at a high pace that brought about advantages that they did not take advantage of.

The main objective of Marcelino it is achieve that continuity, without ever losing that organization that he considers essential in his teams. Before him Barcelona They will find a context that favors the virtues of the group, since they will have spaces to run and they will not be forced to take the initiative. It is against rivals who give him the ball when the people of Bilbao will have to take a step forward, always helped from their coach’s board.

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