Marcelino remains firm with his ideas

Marcelino does not hesitate. The decisions taken before the start of the preseason in terms of squad they are firm and nothing that happens in these weeks will change them. The Asturian was resounding after yesterday’s friendly against Dynamo Kiev. Unai López signed a good performance, with assistance included, but this will not change your situation in the technician’s plans. “If he club first and a coach later we are not able to make a decision At one point, based on reflection and analysis, I would consider myself not very capable. And with all the humility in the world, very little capable I do not consider myself. And the club, the same. It would be a bad professional of me make a decision at specific moments “he launched after the meeting.

Marcelino is aware that the Athletic is immersed in a period of transition that already extends over several campaigns. Within that restructuring, prefers to give the opportunity for young people like Zarraga, Prados or Vencedor. Footballers with a profile similar to that of Unai López and of “great future” and “also great present”. “You have to analyze the aggregate. Along with other possibilities that we have in the squad, you put everything in the balance and decide. It is what we are for. We do not consider Unai to be a bad player, not much less. We consider that in this stage of Athletic restructuring we have solutions that can facilitate us more or less the same, because we believe that there are other players who are ahead, who are also young and that we have to give them their place “he added.

The midfield is the area where the most problems had when it came to finding one partner that settled in the eleven during a good number of parties. Within its scheme, the roles of the double pivot they are very marked. One of them is more oriented to cover meters, while the other is more organizing. Mikel Vesga and Dani García fits into that first function, whereas Vencedor, Prados and Zarraga can play the second, which is where he also employed Unai López. With the entrance of these young people, Marcelino he understands that the team maintains the level and may even win a further record.

Whatever happens in the remainder of the preseason, Marcelino will not change your mind regarding discards you decided to make when the analysis prior to the start of the season 21/22. This presents a scenario with only two options for those footballers, who go through looking for a way out or fulfill their contract knowing that they will have access to very few opportunities to play.

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