Marcelino reveals that the club has not asked him for an analysis of Moncayola


Lto season 20-21 is past for Marcelino, which is about to start vacation. “The mental exhaustion in our profession is important and we must disconnect as quickly as possible,” he highlights in an interview in Hey, how is it going of Radio Popular. The technician is focused on what is coming. He does not know if there will be signings, but he does want casualties. Asked about the possibility of incorporating Javi Martínez and Moncayola, it was clear. “If someone knows Javi Martínez better than I do, they are the people who have lived with him for the longest time at the club and they know of their human and professional capacity. We can always give an opinion, but we have more possibilities to specify an answer when we live with the person. What they consider is welcome to me. I do not have Moncayola sufficiently analyzed to determine. If the club asks me for an opinion, the coaching staff and I will do a detailed analysis to be accurate in reflection and analysis, “he explained.

The rojiblanco coach avoided referring to the next addition of Petxarroman, Sanse captain who has just joined the Smartbank League, which Real Sociedad did not have for the first team and who, at the age of 24, will try to jump in the category at Athletic. “For my part, it is not respectful to talk about footballers who do not belong to the club. I have little knowledge because it comes from a subsidiary and I am more abstracted from my team and those who compete against us. Let’s let time pass and where he plays next season“He stressed. If he does not convince in the preseason, Athletic will cede him to a Smartbank League club because being over 23 years old he has no possibility of alternating the first team with the subsidiary.

Moncayola, in the last league game against Real Sociedad.
Moncayola, in the last league game against Real Sociedad.DANI FERNANDEZBRAND

In other clubs it had more participation in arrivals. When we decided to come we already knew how it was going to be

The technician insisted that his participation in the tasks of preparing the next staff will be more focused on casualties. “I have more influence on casualties than on arrivals, which is quite a different situation here because the range of choice is much wider. In other cases it had greater participation, here Athletic has the possibilities it has, there are not many and then the economic commission must assess these conditions. When we made the decision to come here we already knew how it was going to be. In the outings we will have an opinion because we have worked four months in different situations and it allows us to have a fairly detailed analysis and contrasted with the opinion of the club. There I am going to have a part, not a determining factor, but an opinion, “he said.

Marcelino He argued that the reduction of the workforce will result in better performance and also pointed out that it will facilitate the integration into the group of several players of the subsidiary. The Asturian’s desire about the number of troops in the squad is the same as Berizzo and Garitano had in their day, but that the club could not satisfy. “If in previous stages this has occurred and at the same time the analysis that could be done a posteriori is that it was not positive We will try not to fall into the error again. We must try as much as possible that the template fits in number to what we want, which is what we are going to use, from the beginning, because it would be the best way to get the most out of those five weeks of preseason. We will be clear on the message with each footballer. Having a squad that is not excessively long will allow us to have players from the subsidiary and some of them have work with the first team on a continuous basis and if they do not participate in the first team they can do so with the subsidiary “.

If we get close to 50 goals scored and we are able to reduce the conceded goals, we will be close to Europe

Convinced that Athletic will fight for Europe “if we get close to 50 goals scored and we are able to reduce the conceded goals”, the coach was neat with the affiliate technician search process in which the club is immersed after the goodbye of Etxeberria despite the fact that one of the main candidates is Iñaki Tejada, with whom he coincided at Sporting and maintains a relationship. “I know about Iñaki’s professional and human capacity, but it is not my task. The decision of the youth coaches corresponds to the sports management. From there, Iñaki I think he is a great professional and extraordinary person. He is very qualified, but I already said that it is not my opinion and talk about the Bilbao Athletic coach. The club will take the best decisions “, settled.

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