Marcelino: “The second consecutive victory is the objective, but with that we are not going to win heaven”


The lions have not sewn two wins in a row in all of LaLiga and the coach believes that it is a necessary step for the regularity required to be a competitive team

ANDl Athletic’s third-to-last match this season in San Mamés -the last will be in a week against Real Madrid- offers the rojiblancos the possibility of hooking two consecutive wins for the first time in the season. “The second victory is a goal, although not with it we are going to win heaven. It is a possibility that escaped us ten times and we are going to try to win. It is not a very high goal. Other than that It would be to add 10 points out of 12 possible with clashes in between against Atlético and Sevilla. It would give us a boost of confidence and it would be the step to a third consecutive victory. If we beat Osasuna, which is going to be difficult, nothing will be done and to say that it is already there would be of little value because what we want is to be competitive every Sunday, “explained Marcelino.

There is only one game that I have been punished for since I’ve been at Athletic …

The rojiblanco coach, still hurt by the final lost with Real Sociedad – “There is only one game for which I have been punished since I have been at Athletic …”, he said – he pointed out that “the idea cannot be other than to win. We must start each game with that state of mind, which is the mentality that we must have as a team, and what the results say so far that it costs us. We are able to beat the top four of the standings within four months and we have difficulty with the teams in the middle and lower part from the table. We must be a highly competitive team. “

In this Saturday’s duel, he is very aware that the demand will be maximum because “Osasuna is a happy, dynamic team and I like what they show. It demands you permanently because it never speculates. He makes many arrivals on the wing and many lateral centers, with many people arriving in the area, and he presses with great intensity.

Osasuna demands you permanently because he never speculates. Press, makes many arrivals per band and many lateral centers

The rojiblanco coach described the victories “like the balm of soccer” and he pointed out that returning with the three points of Seville with an alignment with many young people was “a joy for all the footballers and not only for those who participated at that time. All the footballers of the squad can be important, either through from training or from the high performance they offer when they compete on the field. I am delighted that they are growing and adding an important performance for their good and that of the team. Besides all that, I like to be cautious because we cannot praise a footballer for a good game or two. Regularity, and so much that we talk about what we lack, is what we have to look for. We and their companions are there for them to do so. “

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