Marcelino: “The two finals have influenced some players more and Williams is not having a good time”


The Asturian is clear on what the team must improve in order to be more competitive for the next matches

ANDl Athletic faces the last games of the season knowing that it is very difficult to finish in Europe. This comes after the large number of points that have been left with the numerous draws that have accumulated during the course. Marcelino He is clear about where the aspects to improve go and the context in which he is, without a striker who assumes a large part of the weight in the scoring side. He considers that he needs more training to establish his idea in Athletic and admits that Nico Williams Y Nico Serrano they have to be close to the first team for the following season. You have also analyzed the process you are following Oihan sancet and he has spoken about the best position for the Navarrese.

What should the team improve: “Especially in the results. Do not lose concentration or confidence in our possibilities in times of difficulty that we have. It is evident that the team’s merits have exceeded the number of points added. Ties penalize you. You analyze the numbers from We are here and you see that the team has only lost three games and the number of accumulated draws and it makes you very angry. Anger because having added those points would have placed us in a situation in which we would clearly be fighting for Europe. The circumstances are as follows. what they are and what is important is what really happens and what is preventing us from adding those points. We have to recover the permanent winning spirit and be continuous in the 90 minutes, to be effective near our area and that if we are not able to score a goal, the game ends 0-0. In all these games we have only been able to keep a clean sheet four times and that has deprived us of adding many pu ntos “.

About Nico Serrano and Nico Williams: “We did not bring any soccer player from the subsidiary to Seville because they all competed yesterday and as they still have options to be first, we consider that it is better to make this decision. The two Nicos are players in whom we have a lot of confidence. Although it remains to define what will be the Next season, the logical thing is that they are with us, either continuously or up and down, because what also interests these young people is to compete every Sunday. With the competition they will become more and better footballers. In the short term they are with the Bilbao Athletic and we will see the decision that we will make for this day during the week “.

Make changes to your idea: “Although we have been here almost four months, we have not trained as much as the coaching staff would like to train when you arrive at a new place. We have played many games, we have had many weeks of three games and reaching another final has prevented us from training, but welcome We need to establish many concepts so that they have more continuity in the game. I think that training in a preseason and having many full weeks in the following months will help us to give continuity to those criteria with which we want to play, which we do not they will be very different from the ones we are applying in an irregular way. I know that the team feels fully identified with this idea of ​​the game. “

About Williams and Villalibre: “I think the coach’s principle is to establish justice and you try to do so depending on the performance of each of the footballers in competitive matches. Villalibre is fine now, we need to see him. Williams is in a situation where he needs physical relief And mentally. The two finals have influenced some players more mentally than others and Williams is not having a good time. He needs all our support to find that footballer that we all know him and that he was in charge of demonstrating. We try to add all the performances and states of mind to get the eleven right and that those decisions are beneficial for the team. “

The lack of a forward scorer: “There are many teams that do not have it. I could not tell you that it is a concern, it is the situation. That is why we depend on us to leave our clean sheet more times, which I think is very possible seeing what the rivals generate for us. Athletic’s statistics in recent seasons are quite regular in terms of goals in favor. I think that in these months the number of goals from last season has been equalized and we will try to improve it. If we don’t have that striker who scores 15 goals, then we will have to distribute the goals between attacking players and optimize performance “.

The Sancet process: “I think he is a footballer who needs to be clear about his position on the pitch and determine his qualities so that, based on them, he has a position on the pitch in which he can bring out his full potential. From here it is the work of a young boy who appeared and now has more minutes. It cost him especially in the first matches that he intervened with me. He progressed, his last performances have been much better and he has had good performances in his last appearances. We have He has to try to keep him improving. His qualities are very good and he has to continually add to the talent other virtues absolutely necessary to succeed at Athletic. It is a process. What we want is to try to help you, from the exigency and rigor, to put your full potential to life on an ongoing basis. “

Sancet’s position: “I have given him the same freedom of movement in all the games, I have not increased his possibilities of mobility and participation in any case. Whether he has participated more or less depends on how we play, how the rival does it and on how he moves, not that the coach has conditioned or limited him. Making this clear, a footballer who spins well, who makes good oriented controls and is powerful, moving him far away from the area I think is not the most appropriate because that would force him to work excessively and perhaps to participate little in the attack game in the last third. Time will tell where his position is. Finding it and that he is comfortable is very important. But comfortable from performance, not from effort and participation, because if you feel very comfortable it may happen that your performance is not required or necessary to play in the First Division. We will see where it shows its maximum potential. The most important part is going to hang on him. “

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