Marcelino warns Agirrezabala and Iru in case Unai Simón goes to the Games

ANDl future of selections conditions the work plan of Athletic’s first team in a position as delicate as the goal. Unai Simón, currently concentrated with the Spanish team and starting in the first friendly preparation for the Eurocup, also has options to participate in the Tokyo Games (July 22 to August 7). The olympic journey of Murgia has given notice to Arrigezabala and Iru, the two goalkeepers of Bilbao Athletic that in case Simón is summoned by Luis de la Fuente they will do the full preseason with the first team. This season, after the departure of Herrerín at the end of the contract, the first team only has two goalkeepers in the squad.

Simón will go to the Olympic Games if he misses the train of ownership in the Eurocup to the detriment of Robert Sánchez, who has the same summer plan as the Athletic goalkeeper. The two are in the plans of the Olympic team and the one with the fewest minutes in the Eurocup will travel to Tokyo. The call for the Olympic tournament would leave Athletic short of goalkeepers until almost the official start of the championship because Simón would not join until August and would arrive with hardly any vacation after chaining two concentrations (Eurocup and Games).

The Athletic prepares the return to training aware that SimonAlthough he does not go to the Games because he has minutes in the Eurocup, he will later be incorporated into Marcelino’s work plan. The goalkeeper would rest after the tournament, although still there is no scheduled return date Lezama because everything will depend on when the Spanish team ends its career.

Ezkieta, Iru and Agirrezabala are the three goalkeepers that count for the start of the preseason on July 7 because in preseason there are always more than two goalkeepers. Moreover, it is not ruled out that during the summer, depending on when Simón returns, it is necessary to resort to Basconia goalkeepers at some point to complete certain exercises in training. The idea is that if Simón does not enter the selection of the Olympic Games can join the team in the concentration that Athletic will carry out away from Lezama to continue there a specific plan with the physical trainers and the goalkeeping coach.

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