Marcelino: “We are not going to modify our script in the Wanda”

Visit a stadium as complicated as the Metropolitano always offers the temptation to change a team’s plan. Nevertheless, Marcelino is clear that his script will not change to try to storm the mattress fiefdom. The Asturian wants to maintain the good feelings shown by the team at this start of the course, but having always present that it is just one more step on the road to being a winning team. Too has valued the moment of Iñaki Williams and the adjustments to be made in a week with three meetings.

Without changing the style:“We will not change the style that we have been demonstrating in these four games. Another thing is that the rival forces you to do something that you do not want, which can also happen when you play against a team like Atlético. We want to propose something that we are convinced can lead us to victory, but ahead there is another team that also proposes its game and can overcome you. We are not going to modify our script. “

About Atlético: “There are very few games going and I think the conclusions are drawn with more. They have 10 points, it is a co-leader, it has a seedling And it seems like a very good team because of the work of a great coach in a group that works like a steamroller. I think that this Atlético is an obvious candidate for the title. This does not mean that we go with the maximum enthusiasm and ambition to achieve a good result “

Marcelino: “Atlético works like a steamroller”Stats Perform

Three games in a week: “We come from a week, so this first game is the same as the previous ones. We will give it a similar treatment now. From here we will see the physical response and what is the level of recovery to play against Rayo. After this game we will see what decisions we make “

The sensations of the beginning of the course: “These four games They show the good feelings that we have transmitted in the preseason. We have brought that good performance to the competition and that progression to those concepts that we consider that we must use to be a competitive team. We know what we want to do and what we need to do it. From that point of view we are very satisfied, but this is just beginning. We have to endure in everything we do well with the clear daily intention of constant improvement.

The Williams moment: “He is a footballer and a person who suffered a lot at the end of last season. The break has been good for him to come back with a clean head. A player who is too focused, what goal goals will increase his self-esteem. I see it well, because He is a charming, hard-working, disciplined boy, that he eats his head a lot, and we’re glad he’s okay. We know that a very high performance from this footballer increases the team’s chances. I put the same cane now as when is somewhat worse at the level of confidence “

The game you are waiting for: “If we win we are not the best in the world, if we draw it will be a good result but not the best because we want to win and if we lose we are not a disaster. You do not have to pay so much attention to what happens for 90 minutes. We play against a great team. The Wanda is a difficult field for all rivals and will unite the support of his people at his great competitive level. We are convinced that we can achieve a positive result because I think that the game played out and the competitive level in these days makes us think that it will be like this “

Become a winner: “It is one more step in a process and I have been repeating to you that I like to talk about teams that demonstrate in more time. More time is a third or a quarter of competition, at least. Now we have one more rival to continue in that progression that we want and that we will try to achieve. It is another step on the ladder and as I am convinced that the team will perform well, regardless of the result. That is what will lead us to be a better team in the future. “

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