Marcelino: “We do not consider ourselves judges of anything”


Marcelino and his team face the match with the “plus” of playing against the greats, but if they win they would not be considered as those who decided the fight for the title

ANDl Athletic by Marcelino He already knows what it is to defeat Real Madrid this season and now he has the possibility of doing it again, which would be a blow to the league options of Zidane’s men. Even so, the Asturian is clear that they are not judging us and “in no case would we consider that if we are lucky enough to win, Real Madrid would lose the league because of us.” He has admitted that he will repeat an approach very similar to that of the Super Cup meeting and admits that playing against the greats is always a plus.

The possibility of being the team that decides the title fight: “I would not consider it that way. I believe that a league is not defined by a team that wins the main candidates, but by the points that those candidates add up more than the rival. We do not believe ourselves to be judges of anything or anyone, nor are we dedicated to imparting Justice. We are dedicated to winning as many games as possible, which is our obligation and with which we make our fans happy. From here on, it is up to us to play against Madrid on the penultimate round as Osasuna should play against Atlético. That is the calendar that assigns it to us. You try to play, win and in no case would we consider that if we are lucky enough to win, Real Madrid would lose the league because of us. They would be responsible for not having added more points than anyone else team so that the title was on their side “

The plus of being measured against the greats: “We have to play against Real Madrid four days after playing against Huesca and not do a game as we would have liked. Now we are going to try to compete at the highest level, as we always do. Sometimes with more success, others with less, but always with the maximum effort. There is no doubt that playing against Real Madrid is a very attractive game. It should not be and the mentality should be the same, but I think that it happens to all of us that there is always a plus when we we face the big rivals in our league. We will try to make a good game, win and see if we have that success that will always be necessary to beat Madrid, Barça or Atlético, who always demand the maximum from you in all aspects “

The options to win again at Real Madrid: “It is always difficult to beat a great team twice in a row in a short space of time, but we do not have to think about that circumstance and at the same time, face this as the game that touches. They are in the clear fight for the title, with a slight disadvantage. All your options are to win these six remaining points of the competition. We also want to demonstrate our maximum capacity. Of course, all possible effort, as we do with any other rival. The circumstances have to be given that we let’s play a very good game, that we raise doubts about their ability and, at the same time, the success in the areas that is decisive in this type of game “

What happened in the games against opponents of the lower part: “I think all of them have been very even. Against Atlético they tied us in the final stretch and we were able to win. Against Sevilla we won in the final stretch, when they were going to seek victory. In other games the opposite happened to us. We were winning and the rival tied us at the end, as it could have happened against Valladolid and Osasuna. We are always in even matches, against any rival, and the details are what define the result for or against. Hence, If we look at the cold statistics, we move a lot in the draw, little in the victory and very little in the defeat. This is what we have to improve, that in those matches in which we are even we are able to minimize the errors and those details put them in our side. We are going to compete at a very high level against Real Madrid and the definition in the area will give us the possibility of a victory or it will punish us with a defeat “

An approach similar to that of the Super Cup: “We will try to carry out an approach very similar to the semifinals of the Super Cup, although several players are not available from one side or the other. We will try to make them uncomfortable in the creative game, be intense in midfield and solvent in our area. They will require us to be at our best level “

Last bullet to try to win two games in a row: “We had a very close opportunity, number 10. Against Valladolid we lacked one more minute of discount and now, in order to have a chance to do so before the end of the competition, it is through the imperative need to beat Real Madrid. Let’s see if we win, which is our turn now. We play against a team that only lost one away game and has gone 15 or 16 without losing. Hopefully we will be able to have the 11th chance to win two consecutive games. This irregularity is the one that does not It has allowed us to fight until the last moment to enter Europe and it is something that we must correct in the near future as possible, because it is what will lead us to fight for what we all want and for what we believe we have given options. the quality of the staff. “

Williams is ready to return to the starting XI: “We will assess what decision we make because we play three games in a week and there are footballers who are not used to playing several games consecutively at the highest demand. In principle, we consider that Williams was physically and mentally available to play as a starter in the previous games, but I think that Villalibre also made enough merits to play. Always trying to be fair, we have to assess for each moment who is the player who can offer us the best performance a priori. It is obvious that individual performance depends on the collective game and now We will see. I have not decided, but there is no problem for Williams to be available in the starting lineup “

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