Marcos Paulo inherits Vitolo’s number … and his place in the squad

Con the 20, Mark Paulo. This is how Atleti has ‘presented’ the Brazilian in some images in which he poses with Enrique Cerezo, president of the entity, on the green of the Metropolitan. A stadium that will be his until 2026 and from tomorrow, the day on which he will start working under the orders of Simeone.

Precisely the Argentine is the last ‘obstacle’ of the former Fluminense to make a definitive way with one of the 25 available chips. The output of Vitolo to the Getafe opens the door even more to a player in whom he firmly believes in the sports Directorate he heads Andrea Berta. The versatility of the young player can lead him to occupy the left flank of the attack but also to play in other offensive positions, something that he has always valued. Cholo on other players.

Be that as it may, Mark Paulo It is a bet on the future with the present. The one that Atleti offers him, already giving him a number of the first team and the one that the young player has to demonstrate, the first signing of the course in the absence of official From Paul and Rodrigo Muniz, another talent from Brazil that Atleti is fighting for.

A few hours after the preseason starts, the shield that he will defend is sewn to his chest, Mark Paulo He already knows a Metropolitan where the fans will return in August to see the current League champion and a Brazilian who can give many afternoons of glory to an Atlético who believes in his talent. A talent that is already available to Simeone and its coaching staff.

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