Mario Gila, Raúl’s central trust and candidate for the Fair Play Award

Mario Gila has been one of Raúl’s most loyal defenders in this great year for Castilla. The Catalan player impressed football with a sporting gesture in the last minutes of the match against Ibiza

Sand it’s over … it’s over, but with your head held high “, that’s how it closed Mario Gila (Barcelona, ​​08/29/2000), Through his Twitter account, a season difficult to forget both personally and collectively. The defender has been one of the proper names of a Real Madrid Castilla that has remained centimeters from the final of the promotion phase to LaLiga Smartbank, after having achieved the main objective of permanence with enough ease.

The team that leads, to date, Raúl González Blanco could not get the victory against Ibiza (0-0), a result that due to the new regulations of Second B – as the Balearic Islands were first in their promotion group and the Madrid third – deprived them of playing against UCAM Murcia a final that would have been a finishing touch to the course. Thus, if something has marked the campaign of the Madrid subsidiary, it has been the gene that the 7 has transmitted to his pupils of effort, sacrifice and desire to improve … A gene that Gila has internalized to perfection.

Faced with the adversity of a course in which, day after day, both training sessions and games have been marked by the numerous absences of troops due to the constant casualties of the first team, Mario has emerged as the authentic leader of Castilla in a central defense jTogether with Chust and, sometimes, the youthful Pablo Ramón.

Anchored on the right flank of the white rear, bracelet in hand, He has shown a potential, with just 20 years, worthy of mention, and that Raúl already perceived when he carried out the restructuring of the subsidiary back in the preseason of the 2019-20 academic year.

Since the legend took the reins, Gila has been one of his most gifted students. The Catalan, who came to the youth team in 2018 from Espanyol, has been indisputable in the last two seasons (41 games) … And in a more than justified way.

The ‘blackbird’ is a modern and technical center, since it enjoys good treatment of the ball and it does not burn, far from it, at the time of going out with him played. Likewise, he is a defender that is difficult to overcome, who prioritizes rigor and defensive order above all else, quick to cut and in anticipation … All seasoned with a powerful and forceful physique that allows him to be tremendously effective in the games. duels.

As if there were few qualities to consider a footballer with an exciting projection, he is adept at set pieces. Gila has been Castilla’s highest-scoring defender in the past year, adding two targets (Atlético B and Navalcarnero), both of strategy.

These gifts, and his premature maturity, have brought his name to the agendas of the technical secretariats of many teams both Spanish and the rest of Europe. The Italian Sassuolo already tried to get his services last summer, but other entities of the Danish League, the Eredivisie and even England have joined the interest of the most advantageous blackbird of a Raúl who holds him in high esteem, both professionally and personally. From Real Madrid they do not rule out or confirm anything regarding the future of the youth squad.

One of Gila’s last actions on a lawn, it is far from any sporting feat, but it magnifies him like few others. In the aforementioned match against Ibiza, during overtime, and with his Castilla being eliminated, he stopped the match to attend to a rival (Goldar), who had stretched out on the grass cramped … Fair Play gesture worthy of praise and that the fans of the Balearic club, present in the Nuevo Vivero de Badajoz, knew how to reward with a thunderous ovation.

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