Martín Presa, on the visit to Abascal and Monastery: “El Rayo is a team open to all”

Politicians, said Rayista president, showed interest in witnessing a game in Vallecas

Raul Martin Dam, president of Rayo, revealed that Santiago Abascal, President of VOX, Y Rocío Monastery, candidate of the political party for the presidency of the Madrid’s community, showed interest in going to the stadium and justified their presence in the box by ensuring that the Vallecano team it is “open to all”.

Rayo president explained: “Abascal and Monasterio called saying they wanted to come, they showed interest, and it seemed good to me because Rayo is a team open to everyone and Vallecas is a neighborhood that welcomes all people“, said Martín Presa.

He also assured that, after the incidents that occurred in the VOX rally on April 7 in Vallecas, which resulted in riots and several detainees, he believed “necessary to clean up the image of the neighborhood that a few gave”.

Vallecas, a neighborhood of peace

“El Rayo is a cordial place, open to everyone and I believe that Vallecas is an educated and peaceful neighborhood that those who caused the altercations do not represent the club or the neighborhood“confessed Martín Presa, who criticized”threatening letters that they are receiving different politicians, that they cannot be consented, “and assured that”previously, members of other political formations also attended the stadium“.

Anger of the fans

The visit to the stadium Abascal y Monasterio did not sit well with Rayo fans, which, through the ADRV Platform, which includes the majority of the club’s supporters’ clubs, issued a statement assuring that in Vallecas “no place for fascism or its useful fools“.

“You really suck. In recent weeks Vallecas and the fans of our team have been insulted, marked and criminalized. Today you used our name to defend the interests of Javier Tebas and you have used our stadium to defend the interests of the extreme right, “declared Rayo fans in their statement.

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