Maximum penalty in Granada

The Nasrid team has committed eleven penalties so far this year and is the most punished in this regard

TOnte the Manchester United, the tie ended up being complicated with a penalty in the aftermath of the match that put the rojiblancos on the ropes. Three days later, the grenade He stumbled again on the same stone, committing a new maximum penalty, a setback that did not prevent him from adding a new triumph, placing himself with 39 points and cherish permanence in an almost mathematical way.

With the commitment by Vallejo in Pucela, the grenade He has already seen the referee mark the penalty spot eleven times so far this year, more than any other team in the category. Furthermore, this figure is the highest in the history of First for the Nasrids, exceeding the ten committed in the 2013-14 campaign.

Although this time Rui Silva could not stop the maximum penalty, the Portuguese has become a specialist, being able to prevent four shots from the penalty spot from turning into goals, adding one more that crashed with the wood, something within reach of very few goalkeepers, although their interventions only served to add a point.

Goal by Bruno Fernandes (l.) (0-2) at Granada 0-2 Manchester United

To complete this penance from eleven meters, the Grenadians have only taken four penalties, dragging a bad percentage, with only two hits and the failures of Machís Y Jorge Molina.

With the penalty transformed by Orellana, the grenade conceded the 50th goal since the national competition began, showing one more day the `honor of being the most thrashed team in First, far from the defensive solidity that he exhibited in the two previous seasons, although once again the rojiblancos have overcome that handicap to re-sign another successful campaign.

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