Maximum tension between the clubs for not being able to open their stadiums to the public: “It is an incoherence of the Government”

“You cannot maintain this discrimination of professional competitions”, they explain to MARCA

LIn the absence of an agreement with the Ministry of Health to open, once and for all, professional football stadiums to a reduced audience share, it has the clubs in maximum tension. Only in professional competitions they are not being able to do it. Football and basketball. They feel aggrieved when they see, without going any further last weekend, tennis tournaments with public like the Godó, to which even the Minister of Culture and Sports, Jose Manuel Uribes, attended.

For the clubs of professional competitions, the losses due to not being able to open, even partially, their stands are being a huge damage, added to what they are already enduring: they had a possible return in January that could be carried out and now, with the last league matches, they thought to alleviate the blow and power add some “oxygen” to your bills for the coming season.

The anger in LaLiga, in their clubs, is enormous due to this situation. “We have been silent for many months. It is not acceptable that health is different for the Government than for the Autonomous Communities, even when sometimes they are from the same game, “professional football sources explain to MARCA.” It is a matter of incoherence of the central government. With 14 million vaccinated in the first dose, administering 400,000 new vaccines a day … this discrimination cannot be maintained of professional competitions. And all this, in addition, on the verge of raising the State of Alarm throughout the country, “added the same sources.

“We do not understand the arbitrariness of the Ministry of Health, that in the Interterritorial Committee of Health Councils, nothing agrees on the public, which means that it admits that the CCAA are acting correctly. Therefore it is an arbitrary decision“, they end.

Uribes ‘pass word’ to Health

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes, has assured that he sees “with hope” although “not immediately” the return of the public to the stadiums and has maintained that people will return when the Ministry of Health and the health authorities recommend it.

Rodríguez Uribes made these statements in Valencia after the constitution of the García-Berlanga Year commission, which he chaired together with the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig.

The minister recalled that, when the de-escalation process began, a protocol was signed on the presence of the public in the different sports disciplines and has recognized the “enormous effort” that has been done to keep the football and basketball leagues of the highest category with empty stadiums.

“We are known as the country of safe culture and safe sports,” added Rodríguez Uribes, who has insisted that he already said that “he looked forward to the return of the public but not immediately, not next week because We are still in a state of alarm and we have to assess game by game, week by week. “

Has argued that “Health has the last word and when the health experts, the Ministry and the ministries understand that there are sufficient guarantees and certainties so that there can be a party with an audience, there will be “.

The minister has valued that “vaccination is going well” but each autonomous community has a different situation and that there is public in some and not in others “may produce some type of inequality” and has defended that the criterion should be that of “progressiveness“Likewise, he recalled that other non-professional sports do have an audience because” it seems to us that it can be done with guarantees and we guarantee the sustainability of these clubs. “

“We have ensured that there is a League, the last one and this one, and the prudent look advises that we continue to see how things evolve so that when the circumstances arise, there is public,” he indicated and insisted that “it is advised to be prudent and hopeful”.

The first who is going to be happy that the public returns, will be this minister but when the health authorities recommend it, “he concluded.

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