Mehmet Özkan period in Elazig Special Provincial Administration

After parting ways with head coach Hakan Acer, Elazig Special Provincial Administration, which went in search of a teacher, finally BB. Adana Basketball signed a contract with Mehmet Özkan

After finishing the first half of the season with 12 losses and 1 win in the Herbalife Nutrition Women’s Basketball Super League, Elazig Special Provincial Administration Head Coach Hakan Acer parted ways, and the new coach was announced.

After Acer’s departure from the team, the management started to look for a coach without wasting time, and finally decided on Mehmet Özkan, who coached Metropolitan Municipality Adana Basketball. Özkan, who was born in Adana and has important works for Adana basketball, BB. He has super league and European league experience at the beginning of Adana Basketball.

The young coach, who made the last meetings with the management who came to Elazig, will lead the team in the Hatayspor match that the team will play at the weekend.


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