Mendilibar: “I still don’t believe the descent”


The Zaldibar coach wants to go away with a win

Jose Luis Mendilibar He appeared in the Atxabalpe press room to analyze the inconsequential visit of Barcelona. The gunsmith technician, who did not want to give clues about his future, assumes the disappointment of arriving without options to the last day, but wants to leave with a victory.

Decline: “It is very strange. I think I still do not believe it. In a few weeks we will analyze what happened, and why we have reached this situation. Now we continue training and thinking about Barcelona, ​​and I have not had time to think too much” .

Keys to the descent: “In the absence of fans in Ipurua it has been fundamental. We have only won two games at home. But it is not only the fault of it. We have not been a good team throughout the season. At Christmas we started to lose, without goals, but to losing. We thought we were competing well, but in the end it was not just bad luck, and we realized it late.

Last day: “I just want us to do our football. Other years they have beaten us, because they are better, but I only want to see the team that I like. We need to be ourselves in this last game. That whoever comes out does it with the mentality of wanting to go for them”.

Hobby: “That they continue to encourage the team next year, and that they do not forget Eibar. That they do not get used to watching the games on TV, because it is not the same, and especially for us.”

Her future: “There are three days until the end of the League. We have always done the same thing. Talk to the club when the season ends. Then we will know what may happen. There are rumors, but everything will be known when the League ends.”

Trajectory in First: “We are a humble club, from a city with few inhabitants, who came up thinking that being one or two seasons in the First Division was already wonderful. We have been there for 7 years. There are ways of working humbly and achieving important goals. It felt like we could be the shuttle for teams like Huesca or Leganés “.

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