Mendilibar: “I think we have options for what we have done in the last three days”


The armorer’s coach still trusts in the miracle, although salvation is three points away with six to play

Jose Luis Mendilibar I knew that the Eibar he had a great opportunity to leave behind the last position of the classification and to be placed to one of salvation. His team did not take advantage of it, which had to consider the draw against him as good. Betis after losing. Permanence is one point further away, but the Zaldibar coach stressed that he had to settle for the result seen as seen and warned that his team is still very much alive.

Match analysis

“We have a bittersweet taste. I have told the players that the draw is good. We have moved away from salvation one point, but we have to stay with the second half that we have done. We should not be left alone with that we have not won We have done things to win. We have started badly with their goal and it was difficult for us to turn it around. They have not done much, but we have not created chances. In the second half we have improved and we dominated. We have locked them behind . It was very difficult for us to draw the game and then we have lacked minutes to fight for the victory. If you see the classification the tie may seem like a step backwards, but we are still alive and that is the most important thing. We have to recover the team. people and we are going to go to Valencia to win. ”

The team is alive

“Today we have seen that the team has changed with respect to the last months. Three weeks ago they scored a goal and it was difficult for us to get up. Today we have been fighting until the last minute, competing as a team and cheering each other on. The draw after Seeing Huesca win yesterday is one more point with salvation, but there is still time. We played well and the draw in the final stretch gives us life. “


“We know that we have to play two very difficult games against Valencia and Barcelona. But so far they have also been and we have been fighting to win.”

Guarded goal

“It has hurt us because it has been difficult for us to play on the outside and take centers. We have lacked continuity in the game. In the second half everything has changed, they almost did not pass the center of the field. It is a pity that we have drawn so late. “.

Physical appearance

“The players are tired, mentally they are fine because the point is good and we continue to have options. The most important thing is to recover well and we have to be vigilant to know who can play in Valencia, because I’m sure everyone will want to play and there will be some who are physically fair. I trust everyone. Today we saw that those who came off the bench have been very good like Recio, Kevin and Muto. Not only do we have 13 or 14 players well, but the whole team is prepared ” .

Return of the public to the stands

“That is not playing on equal terms. Some are going to have an advantage. I do not agree with the measure, but we have no choice but to accept it. If you cannot play in all fields with the public, there is no reason to be that in Some fields will be done. Whoever makes those decisions will see it well, but it doesn’t seem like it to me. ”

Accounts to save

“With two games to go, it is true that three points away is a lot, but I think there are still possibilities. To begin with, we have to win in Valencia. But I think there are options for what we have done in the last three games. We have shown that we have strength. mental and that will make us get the physical, although we ended up dead. All of us who are in the descent are used to suffering. Getafe, who get four points, in recent years have not been down. But Elche, Valladolid and Huesca We know before the start of the season that there are still games in which we are going to risk our lives. The one who has the best success and the one who has the most confidence in himself will be the one that goes ahead. “

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